A message of Hope...

Meditation 590

Ropes of love!


And I gave the word at his orders, and breath came into them, and they came to life and got up on their feet, a very great army.

Ezékiel 37.10

Many people and children of God are like the House of Israel, they feel dry, empty and finally dead. In addition, many have chains on their hands and feet and are exhausted because they lack freedom. In many cases, no one has taken the time to take care of them, at least in a very special way. The trials of life, errors, falls, injustices, failures, things we do not talk about, in short the list is long, have brought these children of God, and we have no doubt to call them so , to feel more a candle that smokes than a triumphant Christian.


The Lord Jesus knew how to teach crowds, but, despite a very busy schedule, He also knew how to take special care of the "lost" sheep of Israel. Thus, even today, He wants to take special care for you and He wants to restore you, to restore you, to make you "worthy" again, to recover from the depths of your distress. This is the message of Ezekiel 37: God wants, through his powerful Word, to give you life in Him.


The times are difficult and they will probably become more so but there is a hope for you because God has never abandoned you. He invites you with great tenderness to return to Him, to find a deep intimacy with Him and to enjoy daily his presence. On this site you will find thoughts to ponder, articles, testimonies ... All these things have one purpose: That you (re) find your relationship with your Heavenly Father.


At all levels, Ezekiel 37 Ministries believes that we must return to God with all our heart and this return will lead us to find essential elements that seem to be missing today:


  - The simple but powerful message of the Cross that brings to a sincere and salutary repentance.

    - The baptism of water by immersion, more than a symbol a power of liberation from sin.

   - The particular attachment to the Word of God to obey it, which is a true demonstration of faith.

  - The knowledge and recognition of the person of the Holy Spirit who comes to fill the believers with a power of life by a glorious baptism which enables us to walk in a life marked by the Spirit's conduct, freed from what made us captive making possible a sanctified life. As Acts 2:38 and 39 tell us, this promise is for all of us.


To do this, Ezekiel 37 Ministries offers to Christians of all horizons to gather with the rallying point of the Cross of Jesus and with the sole purpose of listening to the Holy Spirit. If the people prepare in this way, they will be able to see their bruised members come back to life, the captives be released, the "blind" see ...


We saw God acting with strength at these meetings. Liberated people, healed, full of a new fire and a new love for God. Yes, God is powerful and a Father filled with Love, so let us place under his wings, that's where healing is.


Be blessed. Claudy and Corinne

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