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Psalms 22.13 - I saw their mouths wide open, like lions crying after food.

You may have already felt this feeling: you are stuck in a situation and the devil is harassing you with his roars and mockery! He is specialized in terror of all kinds, making believe his all power to crush you as a human crushes an ant. I agree that it can be impressive and, somewhere, it's natural for us to be intimidated. Nevertheless, he will always remain the prince of illusion!


The Lord Jesus warned us that he was the father of lies. Even if the words that it whispers to our ears seem quite true, they have only one goal: to deceive us. How can a being whose background is lying tell the truth? Although he may be threatening like a lion who opens his mouth, he has only the power of his illusions.


My beloved ones, what is the law in the universe is the Word of God! Whether the packaging is attractive or scary, the junk of the devil, who tries to persuade us that God is a liar, is only blank, wind, a chimera ... Take the test: brandish the Word of God face to his threats and you will see that he will flee from you. Resist him and you will see if the wind and the big waves do not calm down at once (Mark 4.39).


Still, it is necessary to put the whole of the Word in practice: "Resist the devil", yes, but also and especially "submit to God"! All creatures of hell can not oppose a disciple who is subject to his God. But if it is not, then why would evil spirits submit to the word of a human being simply because he uses the name of Jesus. They will make fun of it.


My beloved ones, let us not fear the lions who open their mouths. By the power of the name of Jesus and because He died on the cross, we can make them flee from us.


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