The sport of the soul!

Colossians 3.13 - Being gentle to one another and having forgiveness for one another, if anyone has done wrong to his brother, even as the Lord had forgiveness for you:

We have already spoken of forgiveness in our thoughts, but this subject is so important that it is worth going back to it. You and I are surrounded by people who are not easy to live with. Whether it's neighbors, colleagues, leaders, brothers and sisters in Christ, or even people from our own home, some of them have the gift of tapping us into the system and getting us into irritation! It is very human that the "characters" clash, agitate and unfortunately hurt themselves.


We would have liked the Word of God to advise us to balance the four truths, to let go, to express loudly what we think of the other ... but it is not at all opinion. It encourages us to bear, to endure and to forgive. Not only to forgive, but to forgive as Christ.


The Lord knows very well the process that follows our soul. She gets angry, she gets angry, she opens the door to bitterness and animosity to finally be invaded by a persistent grudge. But when we enter this process, we become the first victim of this suffering. We are suffering from gangrene that is eating away at us and eating away at us.


Let us do good, have respect for ourselves, do not accept that these destructive negative feelings fill our inner being. As my wife often says, forgiveness is a decision! When you want to keep your body fit, you can make the decision to play sports. You may not like it, it costs you an effort but it is the path to good health. In the same way, our human nature will not like to forgive, it will cost us efforts to make our decision firm and solid but the result will be that our soul will enjoy good health.


My beloved ones, do not accept one more day to be the victim of grudge. Even if our heart does not feel anything, even if the author of our suffering swings royally, make the decision to forgive: "Yes Lord I make the decision to forgive, I want to do good to my soul and above all To please you come to my rescue.


Good reflection.

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