No respecter of persons!

Acts 10.28 - …but God has made it clear to me that no man may be named common or unclean.

What the Apostle Peter had just learned was very recent. Through a very strong vision, which had been repeated three times, he had understood a little more the heart of God. In verse 34 he will say, "Verily, I acknowledge that God is no respecter of persons". This term can be translated by several things: God has no preference, He equally welcomes every human being, He rejects no one whatever his situation ... Imagine if Pierre did not understand this non-Jews like most of us would not have had access to the wonderful message of the gospel.


My thinking is: why did Peter need such a strong vision to understand God's feelings? The only blinding element that comes to my mind is the Fa and its "sectarian" principles! What makes a sincere man of God (or woman) reject a part of humanity as dirty and impure, unfit for God and separated forever? It is a misunderstanding of the righteousness of God! Understand my beloved ones, God does not reject anyone and He will never reject anyone! If on the Day of Judgment, some will be separated from the presence of God, it is not because of God Himself, because He wants ALL men to be saved and He did everything for it. It will be because of the man who preferred to live in darkness and who will be unable to remain in the holy presence of God because of the same darkness.


My question is: if God justifies, why still look at this person as unclean? Are we greater than the Lord? Does the principle of the Law blind us to the point of no longer grasping the heart of God? Have love and welcome given way to coldness and rejection? So many questions that need us to examine our hearts! "Lord, give me a vision of your heart, of your grace, of your unconditional acceptance of all who come near you. Lord, I want to be like you. Change me Lord! ".


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