He knows you!

Malachi 4.2 - But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will rise, and healing will be under its wings; you will go out, and you will jump like the calves of a barn.

God the Father has a passion since the fall, that of finding with the human being the intimacy of his heart. He seeks those times when, in the sweet breeze of the evening, He can speak to us and invade us with all his tenderness (Genesis 3.8). The Father has such a potential for love to give us through the communion of his Spirit that He seeks to draw us to Him to embrace us, to sit on our knees and fill us with that sweet feeling. to be loved, accepted, cherished and wanted.When He fills us with this love, we are as overwhelmed by waves that penetrate our entire being. Whoever we are, whatever we have done, this love can not be stopped by anything, it is there ... penetrating us to the very depths of our womb.


In his infinite wisdom, the Heavenly Father found a way to make this possible despite our imperfection and our "humanity" that separated us from Him.Absolutely everything that deprived us of this intimacy was "settled" by the sacrifice of his Son Jesus. There is nothing to add, except a complete abandonment in his presence.


Without this love, the human being is very unhappy despite appearances.Strong emotional needs remain unanswered and plunge men and women into disarray, creating hunger and thirst that nothing in this world can fill.


We all need to get naked but our relationships have become so superficial and we often communicate from mask to mask to forget who we really are. Our inner being is no longer unveiled because the fear of rejection grips us. We would like to say things, to open up, but because of negative experiences, we are ashamed of our interior and unfortunately, man being what he is, too often a judge taking the place of God, we remain locked in our isolation. The Holy Spirit can and wants to probe us deeply, not to judge us, to condemn us or to make us feel guilty, but to fill us with a feeling of forgiveness and grace. To lead us to forgive ourselves so that we find a true and profound dialogue with our Creator, by accepting to open our inner being without taboo before Him, as Himself wants to be totally revealed.


We all need to express ourselves. We have become accustomed to burying our strong emotions. "Decency" and "popular morality" prevent us from being in the expression of our feelings and we have become slaves from the eyes of others.We do not exteriorize our feelings, because our intimacy is exposed. We prefer to keep our great pains and we drag them with us all our life like a ball of condemned. We hide behind pretense pretending with superhuman efforts to "appear". With the help of the Holy Spirit, the Father comes to extirpate everything that makes us suffer because He does not want us to be unhappy.He does not want us to hide like Adam and Eve, on the contrary! He wants to cover with his wings our "shame" by his justice and his holiness because He alone is holy and He is the only one who can communicate this holiness.


We still need to learn to receive. We do not believe in free gestures. We believe that God has the same view on us as ourselves and we deprive ourselves of grace forgetting that in the parable of the prodigal son, the Father had only one desire, that of hugging his son even if he was dirty and off-putting. No one is "worthy" to approach the Father, no one deserves it. To believe the opposite is a decoy and to "wait" for this dignity is futile, because we will never succeed. The Father is waiting for this simple gesture on our part, that of allowing ourselves to be loved for free and unconditionally. Let us believe in the very essence of the Gospel, let ourselves be loved by the Father as we are.


Isaiah 53.4 and 5 - But he bore the diseases that should have come upon us, he suffered the suffering we deserved. But we thought it was God who punished him like that, who hit him and humiliated him. Yet he was wounded only because of our crimes, he was overwhelmed only by the effect of our own wrongs. He suffered our punishment, and we are acquitted; he received the blows, and we were spared.


All that makes us suffer was brought to the cross by Jesus. We no longer have to suffer this suffering, Jesus carried it for us. Each of these pains is the image of what is currently breaking us.


He was beaten with a penis. How many hurtful words have bowed us to humble ourselves: every attack on our reputation; all these mean things said about us;these curses that break us; the unjust and useless punishment of our childhood;the crushing of the strong and angry characters that dominated us with terror.Every stroke of the penis on the back of Jesus freed us from this hold.


The crown of thorns. These bad thoughts that pierce our souls. The anxiety that grips and burns us. Every sting that says, "You take yourself for who". The pangs of our memories and the diabolical oppression of guilt that says, "You are worthless". Every thorn, every fiery dart of evil pierced Jesus' head.


Nailed hands. Hands have been created to bless, gently caress, cheer to encourage, secure that one is child or adult ... The hands are an instrument of blessing and grace. They have become an instrument of violence and malice, they strike, rise with vengeance against the weakest to destroy and humiliate them. All these acts done against you find their healing in the work of the cross.These cursed hands were nailed in the person of Jesus.


Nailed feet. These feet, which were to announce good news, accompany the poor and walk valiantly for the triumph of justice, were used to trample, pound, and subjugate. The pierced feet of Jesus free you from this domination.


His side was pierced. The spear sank into the side of the Lord, letting out blood and water. These are symptoms that show that his heart has literally exploded.No more being locked up, being cramped and having a tight heart. It empowers us to be free to express our feelings and to let life and love flow from our hearts, all that makes us unique and special, recreated in the image of the perfect One.


The Lord Jesus bore all these sufferings for us. He has chosen to give his life so that we do not have to endure them anymore. He accepted the humiliation in our place so that we could raise our heads. He did not burst the agony that He was undergoing and He broke free in a loud cry before he died.


John 19.30 - All is accomplished.


Today, you who read these lines, free yourself from all this pain by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus for you. You do not have to carry that weight anymore. Lay down each of these sufferings on the cross, where Jesus has already borne them, and utter a great liberating cry if necessary. Then come and put yourself under the wings of the Father and receive the healing of your soul and your body. You will feel invaded by his love and He will answer all your needs. He will do you justice and put you away, safe, free, living the power of forgiveness and grace, for yourself and for others.

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