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Matthew 6.33 - Seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God; and all these things will be given to you above.


Have you ever tried to see how the Kingdom of God is? It's a magnificent country ; there is equity and justice. There is no suffering, no sickness, no sin in this country. Everything is bathed by the beneficent presence of God. The trees bear fruit every month, all construction is made of noble and precious materials, nothing to do with our concrete cities. The language we speak is that of love, kindness, gentleness, peace, acceptance and hospitality ...


A beautiful dream, is not it? But do you know that you can bring this country here in our present? Do you know that through you, God can establish his Kingdom on earth? In our verse, there is a key for the unthinkable to come true!


Jesus encourages us, even orders us to seek. The word "seek" is very deep; it can be translated as: seeking to discover, through meditation and reflection; or wanting to have some in your guts or require authority; or finally implore. One thing is certain, it is that the Kingdom of God seeks with passion. It should be the subject of serious investigation, a sort of "treasure hunt", enthusiastically exploring the steps that will lead us to the ultimate goal. The passion to ask the Lord to let us discover it, the passion to demand that any obstacle that gets in our way be swept away.


My beloved ones, the discovery of the "secrets of God" requires determination, a burning zeal, an extreme thirst to understand and know. Salvation is offered to all on the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus, but the revelation of the Kingdom and its King is given only to those who will consecrate themselves to discern.


Jesus adds an important point: first. A good translation would be to say "foremost". This verse comes at the conclusion of the teaching on worries.


In this teaching, the Lord addresses only basic concerns such as the need for food, drink, and clothing. Today, the list could be extended by rent, bills, car, health ... but the principle is the same: the biggest obstacle to the knowledge of the Kingdom, are the worries of life. Let's remember the seed that is smothered by brambles.


The revelation of the Kingdom comes through a deep meditation of the Word of God. If our thought is cornered by the worries of the century, it will not be able to focus on this research.The words that God has for us will be stifled and become inaudible; drowned in the flood of thoughts that assail us. That's why our intelligence needs to be renewed, disciplined, connected to the Holy Spirit.


It only becomes possible if we make a firm decision to put the search for the Kingdom of God above all else; even before the most legitimate needs. I have an important choice: in my quest for God, what do I want? The mediocre, the average, the good, the excellent or THE BEST?Nobody could pierce the "secrets of the Kingdom" if there is no price. The prize is a complete abandonment of human concerns to devote oneself body and soul to this research; already live on this earth with the mentality of eternity, better pierce the "secrets of the Kingdom" to manifest it here on this earth.


Matthew 12.28 - But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come to you.


When Jesus came to earth, the whole manifestation of the Kingdom came with Him. And one of the first consequences is that the evil spirits and all the power of hell had to flee the places where He was. There is no possible cohabitation: where the Kingdom of God is manifested, darkness can not remain.


Jesus told Nathanael at the beginning of his ministry that he would see the sky open (John 1.51).There was a direct connection between the heavens of heaven, where the throne of God is, and the earth. "Jacob's ladder" was the very person of the Lord. Imagine that where the Lord was, there was a gateway to eternity. The realities of the physical world such as sickness, pain, spiritual oppression ... were swept away by the Truth of God. The supernatural invaded the natural, all the barriers and limitations fell. The water of the sea became strong enough to walk there, five loaves fed five thousand men, the water became wine, the voice of God was heard from heaven ... is it necessary to add?


I can already hear myself reasoning: "But it was the Lord Jesus! ". He opened the way, He showed the way. Luke, at the beginning of the book of Acts, tells us: "All that Jesus has begun to do ...", that means, that in His Name, the Church will continue the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth . That is why, the simple shadow of Peter healed the sick, the linen touched by Paul became a powerful remedy. The Kingdom of God has continued to manifest itself and it is in the will of God that it continues to manifest itself. Here is how you should pray (Matthew 6: 9-10): "May your will (healing, liberation, blessing ...) be done on earth as (as it is done) to heaven" . If that's not heaven on earth!


Acts 8.12 - But when they had believed in Philip, who preached to them the good news of the kingdom of God, and of the name of Jesus Christ, men and women were baptized.


Philip is a good example of the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth. It was the essence of his message, centralized on the person of Jesus. His preaching was accompanied by many cures and deliverances. The atmosphere of the sky was manifest in his daily life: Angelic intervention, close communion with the Holy Spirit, instant teleportation to thirty or forty kilometers ... No, no it is not science fiction, it is only an incursion into eternity; there, the notion of time and space is not at all the same.


Why does not the 21st century church see this dimension of the Kingdom of God? Probably because it no longer brings the right message! The message of the apostles was both simple and powerful: "Change mentality and behavior, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God Himself sacrificed for the forgiveness of your sins; access to the Kingdom of God is now possible by faith in His Name ". And to testify that this message is the pure Truth, the diseases and the power of darkness could only flee before this proclamation. It is all very logical since there is no place for sickness and demons in the Kingdom of God.


Why has our "gospel" lost its substance? Because we wanted to please the world! We deliberately chose to hide repentance. Today, the answers to the call to conversion are often based on the atmosphere in the community, a sensitivity to the atmosphere in the people of God, the promise of healing, a quiet life, peace and quiet. The answer is not complicated: "You are lost, Jesus did what was necessary so that you could be saved, your part is to repent and to believe that. "


Many conversions are in fact only an attachment to a community, an attachment to a Christian leader, a security of existence ... What will happen when the persecution comes?


1 Corinthians 2: 8 - And my word and my preaching were not based on the persuasive speeches of wisdom, but on a demonstration of the Spirit and power.


Paul had understood the principles of the Kingdom of God; he knew that he was manifesting himself by a demonstration of power. We may have been taught too much that one day, in a more or less near future, we will be in the bliss of eternity. It follows that we live our Christian faith somehow in a hostile world. I do not think I am wrong in saying that the Apostles lived ALREADY the heaven on earth.


As I said before, one must ardently seek the Kingdom of God first and foremost. We can not be satisfied until we experience this demonstration of Spirit and power. "Happy are those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for they will be satisfied! The Lord told us (Matthew 5.6). Our incredulity makes us war, we have so much tendency to trust the realities of this world that it is very difficult for us to consider that we can already live the dimension of the sky in our daily life. Yet Jesus again said that we would do the works that He made and even greater ones (John 14:12).


It is not trivial if Paul says that he and his staff act as ambassadors. There is no stronger image of the representative of a kingdom. The ambassador is mandated by his country to represent him in another. Behind him is the entire administration and military power of the country he represents. The embassy itself is considered the "territory" of the country it represents. To attack an embassy is to attack the entire country. It can serve as a refuge for expatriates. Do you understand what I'm trying to say ?


God has mandated you, yes, to represent the Kingdom of God on earth. Angels are at the service of God to help you in this task. Wherever you are, you bring the laws that govern the Kingdom of God; that is, love and freedom to name only ones. We are not only anointed, we are, for those around us, the opportunity to see, taste, experience the Kingdom of God.


Colossians 3: 1 and 2 - If therefore you are risen with Christ, look for things from above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Affect the things above, not the things on the earth.


I spoke previously that God wanted to make us ambassadors of the Kingdom. To be a good representative of our country, we must know him well. Paul uses two terms: seek and love. We have already talked about looking. The word affection means: to love the same thing, to have the same views, to be harmonious. Philippians 2.5 to add: "Have in you the feelings that were in Jesus Christ".


The Kingdom of God can be manifested only through the children of God who have been invaded by the feelings of heaven and especially those who animated the Lord Jesus. The more we are in tune with His feelings, the more the Kingdom will manifest through us. Philippians gives us a context of humility but we can add love and Truth. Jesus was a model of humility, love and truth. "To become affectionate" in this way will lead us to seek ever more to be humble, loving and true.


On the contrary, the Kingdom of God will not manifest itself or more if we take the cabbage, if we lack love and grace, and even worse if we tolerate lies in our lives. Unfortunately, many started well but let themselves be trapped. Constantly, we must put ourselves under the "scanner" of the Word to reach the divine standard of integrity.


The Lord invites us to sit with Him in heavenly places (Ephesians 2.6). To tell the truth, it is already acquired, yet we need to become aware of this position. What would be our reaction if the Lord said to us in an audible voice: "Sit here with me, we will discuss together? ". That's exactly what it is.


To be continued...

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