Article of the week - The Kingdom of God (second part)!

Revelation 4.1 - And after that I looked, and behold, a door was open in heaven. The first voice that I heard, like the sound of a trumpet, and who spoke to me, said, Go up here, and I will show you what must happen next.


I hope that the previous article on the Kingdom of God has given you the desire, the thirst to deepen your knowledge about this wonderful country where the supernatural is quite natural.


I would like to talk about the prophetic. John saw that the door of heaven was open. God invited him to enter, to go up there, to see future events. Many men of God in the Bible made an incursion into this area and discerned what was to happen. Jesus will say that Abraham saw his day in advance, and that it gave him great joy. I do not take the time here to talk about the different prophets, but one thing is certain, that God does nothing without first talking to his prophets (Amos 3.7).


The Word of God encourages us to be a people of prophets. It is a desire that is on the heart of God, He wants to communicate us, to reveal to us his plans and his plans. If the Church of today entered the dimension of the Kingdom, she would understand in what time it is; she would be prepared and warned. Unfortunately, many of us do not know where we are at God's clock. They are driven by the flood of rising panic that anguishes the world wondering what will be done tomorrow. The Lord tells us, "I know, what will be done tomorrow, everything is under control!". Jesus encourages us by saying, "Lift up and lift your head, your deliverance is coming" (Luke 21:28).


My beloved ones, it is high time that all of us begin to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, right where we are. Even though our faith is only about the size of a mustard seed, it only grows to become a tree. Let us not forget that faith is a DEMONSTRATION of what is not yet visible in our physical reality but is bursting with glory in the Kingdom of our Eternal Father. Let's go my beloved, let's go!


Luke 6.20 - ... Blessed are you who are poor, for the kingdom of God is yours!


In this bliss, the Lord does not mean that one day we will be in possession of the Kingdom, but that we already possess it, in an immediate present. To wait until we leave the earth to join the Heavenly Father is a mistake, we can already experience the manifestation of the Kingdom here on earth, and now. Still, it is necessary to fulfill the condition of being poor.


The term "poor" does not just mean being "without money". It also means being poor in influence, in social position, poor in education and intellectual culture. It is also animated by the feeling that we are short of everything, that we are hungry and thirsty for God, that we are completely dependent on Him. Let it be said: "To live the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our daily life is not a matter of intellect but of a simple faith, childish, a credulity despised but which is highly appreciated by the Lord".


Paul has plotted the way: "God has chosen the foolish in the eyes of the world to confound the wise. He chose the weak, in the eyes of the world, to confound the strong. He chose low class, in the eyes of the world; those who are despised, those who have no consideration, to silence those who are considered "(1 Corinthians 1:26). God does not reject those who are educated, learned, influential and "rich", but this requires an extra effort of abandonment, a death to themselves and their "knowledge".


I hope you are encouraged by this perspective: God chooses you, yes you, not according to your intellectual aptitude, but according to your heart which is allowed to be invaded by the fire of the desire to glorify Him.

My beloved wife and I are convinced that we will experience the awakening that the Huguenots have experienced. It was a very rich period of prophecy and manifestation of the Kingdom. God used children, very simple people, to announce his Word and for an explosion of miracles even if some scholars were involved. No longer say, "Who am I, but I will go! ".


John 11:40 - ... if you believe, you will see the glory of God ...


My beloved ones, there is something very powerful in this verse. A key that opens the "reservoir" of God's power. It all starts with the word "if". This is the condition that makes the rest possible. We should weep over our unbelief, scream at the Lord like this dad who was looking for help for his son: "Come to the aid of my unbelief" (Mark 9:24). Why ? Because all too often our eyes are closed on the manifestation of the glory of God!


This does not mean that the glory of God does not manifest, but if we do not believe, it does not appear to us, "to appear" being another possible translation of the word translated by "to see".All is there my beloved ones, with the manifestation of the Kingdom comes the manifestation of the glory. If we fulfill the condition of "believing," we will see extraordinary but so natural things for our God.


I would like us to take the time of repentance; We humiliated ourselves because we too often hid behind bogus excuses: "Too hard in Europe, we must be reasonable, I am not called to that ...". Call a cat "a cat", we are incredulous! The problem does not come from God, nor from the environment, nor from the economy, nor from the government, nor from my neighbor, nor from my pastor, nor from my spouse, nor neither nor: he comes from me!


We can claim the promise of 2 Chronicles 7.14, call to life as my dear wife would say. "If my people on whom my name is called, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn away from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. ". The evil ways, it is not only the path of gross sin, but it is also and above all the fact of doubting God, of doubting His word, of doubting that it is possible ... The drama of the Humanity began with these words: "Did God really say it?" Jesus said, and that is the concrete of the Truth: "If you believe, you will see the glory of God! ".


Acts 14.22 - Fortifying the spirit of the disciples, exhorting them to persevere in the faith, and saying that it is through many tribulations that we must enter the kingdom of God.


I am going to approach an aspect of the Kingdom of God that is not pleasant: that of persecution. I hope that your heart vibrates in the prospect of bringing the manifestation of the Kingdom on earth, but you must know that there is a price to pay, that of suffering.


God wants us to be a point of contact between heaven and earth, but we must admit that we are on enemy ground. The whole earth is under the power of the prince of darkness (1 John 5:19) and he hates the human being enough to try, by all means, to deprive him of God's blessing.When God begins to work with his workers at the manifestation of the Kingdom, the devil rises with all that is within his reach: governments, extended families, unconverted, carnal Christians ... to stop the advancement of the Kingdom. It's tragic enough not to joke about it. If we are not armed with full persuasion, confident in the victory gained at the cross, aware of the ministry of angels and the mighty action of the Holy Spirit, we are going to have "problems".


A servant of God often uses the expression: here or there. We fully agree that putting your hand to the plow and considering going back will bring only a stinging defeat. My beloved ones, we must be determined to go to the end, ready to sacrifice everything to our very life, to reach the goal. If you enter the path of manifestation of the Kingdom, no U-turn is possible, there is only one path: the one in front of you that will allow you to reach the goal.


I was talking about the Huguenots previously. Do you know that children, full of love for the Word of God, said goodbye to their parents knowing that they would not come back from the clandestine meeting they wanted to attend. They were ready for sacrifice.


Hebrews 12.22 to 24 - But you have come to mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to the myriads which are the choir of the angels, the congregation of the first-born in the heavens, judge who is the God of all, of the spirits of the righteous who have attained perfection, of Jesus who is the mediator of the new covenant, and of the blood of the sprinkling which speaks better than that of Abel.


Hebrews gives us an interesting insight on living the dimension of the Kingdom. Translation can be confusing, because the term "approached" does not make Greek well. A few years ago, we moved and we "approached" the French border. This does not mean that we live in France but we are close to it. The Greek term does not mean that. In another passage, it is said that the disciples of Jesus approached Him (Matthew 15:12), which means that they were in his presence, in the same place. The Christians of whom Hebrews spoke were therefore in the presence of the heavenly Jerusalem, the presence of the angels' choir, he was in heaven!


I say this because Hebrews 11: 14-16 tells us that those who speak this way, ie those who have a language and an approach of faith, like the examples described above in the chapter, desire NOW the heavenly homeland . Those of the Old Covenant hailed her from afar, but in Jesus Christ we can enter into our present. The veil is torn, the domain of the Kingdom is open for those who do not want or more of their earthly homeland but who desire things from above.


To do this, the Church must return to its prophetic dimension. We are too often polluted by the age of reason. Our intelligence, which is based on our physical senses, especially that of sight, imprisons us in earthly reasoning. Jesus said to Nicodemus, "If you do not believe when I have spoken to you about earthly things, how will you believe when I speak to you about heavenly things? John 3:12. Again it is a question of faith and to enter this prophetic dimension, we need our intelligence to be metamorphosed (Romans 12: 2), which will allow faith to develop in us.


My beloved, we can live the dimension of the Kingdom of God on this earth, go to heaven to take the will of God and manifest it in our daily lives. This will is good, pleasant and perfect.


2 Corinthians 3.18 - We all have no veil on our faces, we can contemplate, as through a mirror, the splendor of the Lord. We metamorphose to resemble Him more and more, from a brightness to an even greater brightness. This is what the Lord, who is the Spirit, realizes.


Moses put a veil on his face when he returned from his meeting with the Lord on the mountain.This veil was not there to hide the brightness that emanated from him but so that the Hebrews do not see the temporary effect of this brightness (verse 13). Today, we no longer need to wear this veil, which means that this brilliance, this glory, can become permanent. Better still, this brilliance can progress to become more and more like the Lord. The term "metamorphosed" is the same as that used for the transfiguration of Jesus where the face of Jesus shone like the sun (Matthew 17.2).


These are the effects of the Kingdom: when we contemplate the splendor of the Lord, we radiate! Already David said, "When we look to him, we are radiant with joy, and the face is not shamed" (Psalm 34: 5). Of course, we can not yet see all the magnificence of the glory of God, it is our earthly limitation that wants that, but we see it as through a mirror.


I remember that we were on a mission, my wife and I; a lady did not dare approach the call for fear but at one point she saw the face of Jesus on my wife's face and all her fears fell and she was deeply visited during the pray. Another time we went into a shop and a gypsy begged for money at the entrance. When she saw my wife, her face lit up as if she saw an angel. She began to kiss her hands with extraordinary respect. I admit that my wife is an angel, but nothing in the human realm could suppose such a reaction.


Paul will say that this magnificent splendor, this treasure, we carry in earthenware vases that we are so that it is manifest that this extraordinary power is that of God, and not ours. But my beloved, we can manifest this glory around us, be a reflection of the magnificence of our Lord.


A last little testimony: a sister returned to her hotel after a meeting of the Eurofire convention.The doorkeeper at the hotel opened it and exclaimed, "What you have on you, I want it." She told him the gospel, he accepted it and was healed instantly with an arm that he could not lift at all. Hallelujah!


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