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1 John 3.9 - He who is born of God does not sin ... he can not sin ...


This article was born in my heart due to a misunderstanding, I think, of sin in the life of the Christian. Reading our verse, it follows a serious dilemma because you will find that Christians continue to sin! So voluntary or accidental sin? Did those who have done in the Word of God do it willingly or accidentally? There is something to panic about ... the work of guilt doing its work in our hearts and moving us away from Him who never tires of giving thanks. How to understand that John in the same epistle says, "If we have sinned" (1 John 2,1), which implies that it is possible to sin while being of God? I hope this article will enlighten you and will give you a precious help to rise up and to fully benefit from the grace of God for your life!


He who is born of God is our spiritual man. He was not born of the flesh but of the will of God (John 1.13). At the moment of our new birth, God gives birth in us a "spiritual man" born of the Spirit. This man is, as John says 1 unable to sin. But he does not annihilate the carnal man in us who is brought to sin.


Paul explains in his epistles at length what this "fight" between the carnal man and the spiritual man consists of. The more my spiritual man takes ascendancy and the more I live in holiness, the more my carnal man takes the reins of my life and the more I sink into impurity. This "fight" is a fight of every moment that lasts a lifetime. Every day I am faced with choosing between what my spiritual man wants to do and what my flesh wants to do, who is unable to submit to God. I hope that until then you follow me! God who knows our human condition perfectly well, since He lived in a flesh like ours in Jesus Christ, is compassionate and the sacrifice of the cross guarantees us that He is able to forgive ALL our sins in His grace. Is this grace still active? Yes, when we put our faith in the sacrifice of Jesus, we are washed, purified, forgiven and restored to our relationship with the Father. There is only one obstacle, one reason for us to be deprived of this active grace, that is what we will see.


Hebrews 12:15 - See that no man deprives himself of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness, pushing off shoots, produces trouble, and that many are infected with it.


In the parable of the "merciless servant" (Matthew 18: 23-35), Jesus teaches us an important principle: our own forgiveness is conditional on our ability to forgive! In conclusion of "our Father" He will say, "But if you do not forgive men, your Father will not forgive you your trespasses either" (Matthew 6:15).The lack of forgiveness that can cause bitterness deprives us of the grace of God, deprives us of his forgiveness, even deprives us of our freedom as children of God. This is why the author of the letter to the Hebrews solemnly warns us to ensure that bitterness does not make its way into our hearts. All our weaknesses can not separate us from the grace that is in Jesus unless we allow that bad feeling to take hold of us. Forgiveness is not an easy thing you will tell me and you are right! Here are some tips to help you.


If we understand the parable of Matthew 18, the first thing that can help us is to be aware of the immense forgiveness we have received. The lack of forgiveness sometimes takes root in a feeling of self-righteousness in which we do not discern all the love, all the patience and all the compassion that God has used towards us. We are ruthless to "the hundred deniers" while God has "sponged" us a debt of ten thousand talents. To understand the immensity of the grace of which we have been the beneficiaries will lead us to use this same mercy towards those who "hurt" us and harm us.


The second thing to understand is that we are the first victims of our bitterness. It is our heart that it gnaws, it is we who become insomniacs, febrile or depressive. My beloved ones, let us do good! Let's give up that poison that even destroys our feelings of love and makes us incapable of receiving love.


The third thing to understand is that the choice to let go of your bitterness and forgive is a decision. From a human perspective, what God asks of us is of the order of the impossible and you are right. We are unable to forgive and heal our many wounds inflicted by others. But if God asks us, He will do what is necessary for us to get there. To let him free us from this bad feeling and to heal us from all our wounds, is a firm decision based on the promises of his Word.


My beloved, the issue is important and essential. God fully sympathizes with your suffering and He is fully able to heal you and restore you. What He asks of you is to "let go" to live fully the grace that He has already made available to you.


May the Lord fill you with his peace and joy.

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