Seize compassion!

Luke 10.33 - But a Samaritan traveling, having come there, was moved with compassion when he saw him.

The world is upside down. Everything seems to be getting worse and worse every day. We hear about violence, wars, earthquakes, persecutions, kidnapped children, diseases of all kinds ... The list is long and we would like to see things change.


We pray for these people from the other side of the world and that is good, we believe that the prayer of the just is very effective. Today, however, I would like to dwell on our verse: "He was moved with compassion when he saw it." What a strong verse you can not find? Emu of compassion! His heart, his heart were seized! It's strong, so strong!


Several texts in the scriptures also tell us about this compassionate seizure! "Seeing the crowd, he was moved with compassion for her" (Matthew 9.36). "When he came out of the boat, he saw a great crowd, and was moved with compassion for her, and he healed the sick" (Matthew 14:14). "Jesus, moved with compassion, stretched out his hand, touched him" (Mark 1:41). "The Lord, seeing her, was moved with compassion for her, and said to her," Do not cry! (Luke 7:13)


This seizure of the heart of God has always been followed by an action and manifestation of the Kingdom. My prayer is: "Lord, take compassion on me for those whom You place in my path and manifest You! ".


Are you ready to do this prayer?

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