I choose what I think!

Philippians 4.8 - For the rest, brothers, all that is true, all that is honorable, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is kind, all that deserves the approval, which is virtuous and worthy of praise, the object of your thoughts.

Imagine that all your thoughts are projected on the big screen for everyone to see! How many of them would make you blush? Which ones would push you to hide? You think it's a disaster scenario? Yet we must understand that one day everything will be brought to light, and that we will be confronted with the thoughts we have accepted, which we have kept in our secret garden.


The counsel of the apostle Paul is possible! We accept too easily the wrong thought that we can not handle what is happening in our head. But we have the ability to accept or reject the thoughts that beset us. Like all areas of discipline, it takes effort but it is possible!


The first thing is to clearly define where this thought comes from. And yes, everything that passes in our head does not necessarily come from our inner being. The spiritual world, whether from God or darkness, can suggest thoughts to us. The first question we should ask ourselves when a thought comes to us is: Shall I feel shame if this thought comes to light? If the answer is yes, we have the ability to reject it.


The second thing is to put ourselves in a healthy environment. Let me explain: if you are constantly confronted with obscene images, do not be surprised if you think of obscenities! Cut yourself off from everything that will infiltrate your area of weakness. All that a young child should not see or hear should not be seen or heard by children of God.


Third, do not let our thoughts wander. When we begin to discipline ourselves in our thinking, it is important to replace the thoughts we reject with good, true, honorable, pure thoughts ... By force, because we need perseverance, we can see that our thoughts are more and more focused on our God and His Word.


Good reflection.

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