The morning is coming!

Psalms 30.5 (or 30.6 according to the versions) - For his anger lasts for a moment, but his grace all his life; in the evening tears come, and in the morning joy.

I would like us to draw encouragement from this verse. Perhaps we are today in a time of tears, we may have the impression that the wrath of God is upon us. Everything is black, sad and finding a glimmer of hope seems a miracle too big!


The first encouragement we can draw is that the time of "pain" has an end! Another morning will come after this night of sorrow and he will produce songs of joy. The "wrath" of God lasts only a moment, but all our lives we will be for the benefit of his grace.


The second encouragement I find in this verse is that the transformation is done in the night. The child of God enters this agonizing time of the night with tears but a source of joy, communicated by the Holy Spirit, begins to boil in him and the arrival of the morning makes explode this source! The new season of the morning sweeps away all the sufferings of the night season.


My beloved ones, let's lift our heads! The "fix" will have an end! The night will have an end! The tears will have an end! Surely you will have a happy future, says Jeremiah (Jeremiah 15:11). Let us flood by this grace that comes from our God. Let us be overcome by this word of hope that will lead us to a firm and unshakable faith. Strongly declare: "No I will not die but I will live! No, this test will not have my skin! No crying will not annihilate me! The morning is coming, it is near, very close and I will be overflowing with joy! ".


With all my love.

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