Man or woman's word!

2 Timothy 3.2 and 3 - For men will be ... disloyal,

The Greek "aspondos" can be translated as "disloyal" but also gives the meaning of someone who is unable to engage (by a pact, a treaty). No need to tell you that in our generation, the given word has no value. Of course, human beings still make big declarations but all too often they are hollow and completely superficial speeches.


If this is evident in the world around us, it is so in the Christian community. How many have been "victims" of this lack of loyalty? How many times a love speech was "preached" but it was just a hype! How many commit to doing such and such but never do. We may have been the perpetrators of this kind of injury ourselves. We did not evaluate the significance of our words, we committed ourselves too quickly ... The list is long.


I would like to address first those who are victims of this problem, who feel aggrieved, who can no longer trust or who can no longer believe in anything. Let me tell you that the Lord is fully trustworthy, that all that He says is Truth. Depriving your trust of human disappointment will only lock you into a dungeon. Then, without excusing the wrong done, I invite you to remember that the human being is fallible. Do not deprive yourself of God's grace by allowing bitterness to pollute your soul. The Holy Spirit is able to comfort you and give you new hope. Let go before Him and He will bring you healing.


Then I encourage all of us to think about situations where we have not kept our word. Maybe it's too late to change things, but it's not too late to change. If we had to do a prayer, it would be this one: "Lord, I want to be a man (woman) of speech, someone you can count on, someone who honors you by all his behaviors, I wants to be true, transparent, committed, responsible and reliable, to You and to those around me ".


Good reflection

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