Ropes of love!

Hosea 11.4 - It was by ties of a tenderness all human and ropes of love that I led him ... (Sower)



This verse expresses all the "frustration" of the Heavenly Father. He brought Israel out of Egypt by powerful miracles, He took care of it in the desert, meeting all his essential needs, He gave him a wonderful country and yet ... He remained rebellious, provocative and disobedient . He literally trampled all the love the Lord showed him.



Do you know that the Lord wants to lead us with "strings of love"? "My yoke is sweet and my burden light" Jesus told us (Matthew 11.30)! However, are we sufficiently submissive to accept this yoke and this burden? The behavior of so many Christians today makes us think that they have neither god nor master and that they have made a firm decision to do what they want!


Yet if we pay attention, we will feel the bonds of tenderness that draw us to Him. We will see that the feelings that animate him are paternal and maternal, seeking the path of security for our lives. Let us never doubt that if God restrains us, pushes us to the left or to the right, it is for our full development and our protection! When we let Him take the reins of our life, He leads us with ropes of love.


My beloved ones, we are blessed if we understand that all the directives of his Word are only bonds of tenderness! We have so often a distorted image of who our God is. We all too often think that He is uncompromising and hard. If only we would allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by his affection for us. Yes God loves you with a special love and He wants to lead you to the green pastures.


Good reflection.

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