Meditation of the day - December 10, 2018

Animal lesson 1!


Deuteronomy 32.11 and 12 - Like the eagle that awakens his brood, flutters over his young, spreads his wings, takes them, carries them on his feathers. The Lord alone has led his people ...


This beautiful image is removed from the Old Testament. It is part of a hymn that Moses sang. This shows us all the intimacy that there was between this man and his God because even if the Lord was very impressive, Moses saw also his sweet heart and full of tenderness.


The eagles take special care for their young. They often cover them with their wings so that they feel safe. To learn the eaglets to fly, the parents take them on their "backs" and climb very very high. Then they let go, forcing eaglets to fly on their own. Of course, during this moment a little stressful, they stand next to their young, ready to intervene if necessary.


From this illustration, I would like to draw some encouragement. We need to learn to fly. Not a flight of fly or even sparrow but an eagle flight! We let ourselves so often draw down. The more we get high, the more the hassles and worries of life will become tiny. Where eagles fly, the air is very pure. No more noises and pollution of the world.


When the Lord draws us up, He surrounds us with his care. But, at one point, He gives the impression of letting us down. It is very close but we do not see it anymore and we have the impression of being in free fall. This passage is necessary, not to say indispensable, for us to realize the potential that He has placed in us. Some call this time "trial" or "desert", why not call it "initiation to steal"?


Are you sick of vegetating in the doldrums of this world? Are you tired of being part of "creepers"? Trust your Father of Love! Let him "embark" on his back and lead you high up in the sky. Have no fear, He will lead you to the best. Deploy your wings and hover over mediocrity.


Good reflection.

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