Meditation of the day - December 11, 2018

Animal lesson 2!


Psalms 42.1 (or 42.2 according to the versions) - As a doe sighs after streams of water, so my soul sighs after you, O God!


Our relationship with the Lord should always be in this image. It has never been a question for God that we are religious beings observing a long list of rules. What fascinates the Lord is to find in us these sighs motivated by love. The human being, in his misguidance, thirsts for pleasures, possessions, power ... whereas only one thing can fill the thirst of his soul: to find intimacy with his Creator.


To quench your thirst, the doe must come out of its protective environment and "expose" itself. Our trust in our God should lead us to expose ourselves. Nobody can take a trip without taking a first step. Nobody can win a victory without a fight. Nobody can build without first buying the necessary materials. These sighs after the Lord must take us out of our comfort zone. Do not be afraid, He watches over us as on the apple of His eyes.


The Lord wants to reveal himself more than we can imagine. But for that, we must put into practice what Jesus said to us: "Ask, seek, and strike" (Matthew 7.7). Ask Him to water our soul with his love, to seek His refreshing presence, to strike the closed doors that want to separate us from Him so that they shatter.


We need to drink every day. Staying for more than three days without drinking can be fatal. We can not afford the luxury of depriving ourselves of the sweet presence of our Heavenly Father without this having disastrous consequences for our soul. "Lord, my intimate being sighs after you, do not hide your face from me, do not leave me in the torment of thirst but come to quench my thirst with your infinite love for me".


Good reflection.

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