Meditation of the day - December 12, 2018



Psalm 1.3 - It is like a tree planted near a stream of water, which gives its fruit in its season ...


In our world, which is now a real powder keg igniting, it is more than time to return to the Essential: Jesus Christ, King and Lord and his Word.


It is for this purpose that we spread the thoughts to be meditated, which we share daily on social networks since 2012. These are only a help to get you to think, to meditate so that, in the light of the Word you make your own convictions. We hope that this goal reaches its goal and that these thoughts bring you day by day from the heart of the Father. These are the fruit of our personal meditations, our sharing as a couple, but also our experience. However they are only shared to challenge you, not to impose you.


We are at the dawn of a new year, but above all, of a new era in which our attachment to God and His Word will make all the difference. Will we be of those who will remain rooted in Christ? This question we ask ourselves for us as well.


This period also brings its share of "prophets" receiving different revelations day after day, even hour after hour depending on how the wind turns. God is not a weather vane adapting to events. No ! He is the King of kings and He does not change his mind according to the movements, the modes, the unfolding of the story.


As the Word tells us, "Let us not add to every spirit; but let us test them, to know whether they are of God "(1 John 4: 1). Let's stop being sponges absorbing everything and anything but be vigilant.


We have also received things that we have shared with you, and in the same way as mentioned above, it is up to you to experience these writings.


Being a prophet is fashionable. It would seem that this brings a certain prestige, a notoriety. Yet one day will come as Zechariah 13.5 tells us: "Each of them will say: I am not a prophet, I am a plowman, because they bought me from my youth".


This same "phenomenon" is also found for other ministries. An appeal is not a job that one chooses according to the notoriety that it will bring us or the "salary". The call is given by God and he does not choose himself. We are not on earth to build our empire, but to advance, in the manner of God, His Kingdom. It is time to lay down at the feet of Jesus our ambitions, our choices, our fame, our ... It is not always easy to bend to the choices of God and often we are in struggle with ourselves, we love so much to be someone in the eyes of others. However, let us ask ourselves this question: "Who am I in your eyes Lord? ". And once we know how God sees us, "How to enter into your Lord's plans? ".


If we are the right person, in the right place, whatever we do, whether it is seen by all, or whether it is in secret, we will bear fruit. Let us be that person who finds pleasure in the law of the Lord, and meditates day and night (Psalms 1.2). We will be like a tree planted near a current of water, which gives its fruit in its season. Even if everything around us comes to shake, to blow, we may be bent sometimes, but our roots will be so deep that it will not be possible to uproot ourselves. And let us not forget that if the wind of oppression begins to blow, the wind of the Spirit will also blow with strength. So, let's root in the truth.


With all our affection.


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