Meditation of the day - December 13, 2018

Animal lesson 3!


Proverbs 6.6 - Go to the ant, lazy; consider his ways, and become wise.


At first, this proverb speaks of course to those who are lazy. Our flesh likes to push us to extremes. So, on one side we have superactive human beings, never taking the time to relax; and on the other we have people who never do anything, taking full advantage of the system and assistantship. Solomon compares laziness to madness. The Bible strongly encourages the work of one's hands and condemns the abuse of the support of others. Everyone is invited to take their place in society.


However, I want to draw another lesson from the example of the ant. The ant is a social animal. It is often spent and "sacrificed" for the good of the community. The anthill is an example of social relations, solidarity and mutual submission. Everything is centralized on the queen who brings life.


The Christian community should be so centralized around the Lord Jesus, who is the King of kings and communicates eternal life. We sometimes go to great lengths to obtain the blessing for ourselves, but we need to broaden our vision. The good of the Kingdom of God and by extension, of the Christian community, should be our priority. We invest so little in the Kingdom. We spend a lot of energy to make room for us. The ant does not hesitate to perform very basic tasks and little rewarding. His tiny brain has acquired sufficient wisdom to abandon all individualism, rivalry and desire to dominate.


Another image that speaks to me about the ant is its ability to resist. According to studies, an ant can carry at least the equivalent of a thousand times its weight. If God has endowed this small insect with this capacity, will He not be able to bear more than we can imagine.


You may feel that you will be crushed by the situation you are living, but the Lord will give you the ability to bear. And if others come to support you, together you will be able to overcome everything.


Good reflection.


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