Meditation of the day - December 7, 2018

Like an iceberg!


Matthew 6.6 - But when you pray, enter your room, close your door ...


Have you ever seen an iceberg? Surprising no? For a large iceberg, whose apparent height out of the water is 35 to 40 meters, the submerged part can go down to more than 300 meters below sea level. The visible part of the iceberg is so only a tiny part of what we can actually see with the naked eye.


Why am I talking to you today about the iceberg? If it is true that we must shine in this world so that Jesus may appear to those who see us living and acting; today, it is on the hidden part of our lives that I would like to stop! Sometimes the visible part of the human being resembles this iceberg, that is to say that it does not resemble the hidden part at all. However, if the tip of the iceberg can be seen it is because it is carried by this invisible part. That's where I want to come from.


What could represent the invisible part of our life is this heart to heart, those moments when we enter into the worship of our God, these moments hidden from everyone's eyes but so strong and important in the eyes of God.


These times of sharing, questioning, head to head are so essential. We spend our days in a thousand occupations and God is waiting, He is waiting for us. As a result, our hidden lives sometimes look very dark, even for us Christians. We can then do as much damage as the iceberg that sank the Titanic, the people around us discovering the chasm between the facade and the depths of our hearts.


My friends, God wants to live with us a real relationship, a heart to heart every day. He wants to hear you tell Him everything because He is so interested in you. He says to you: "Stop, take time with Me, listen to Me and I will speak to you, let your life hidden in Me grow up and grow to the point of capsizing the souls of the people I place in your path".


With all my love.


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