Meditation of the day - December 9, 2018

Always and everywhere!


Luke 16.10 - He who is faithful in the smallest things is also faithful in great things, and he who is unjust in the smallest things is also unjust in great things.


Who among us does not want to live great things for God? As we often say in our lines, it is important to be attracted by the small things to reach the biggest ones. We are "excited" to share the gospel but we often forget that we are being watched, not to say "watched" by those who see us living daily.


For example, we like to put a fish on our vehicle to show our Christian belonging, but how do we behave at the wheel? We testify to our co-workers but are we good workers, honest and conscientious? Our accommodation is decorated with posters with biblical verses, but in what state of cleanliness is it? Are we "men" of speech, are we punctual, is our mouth "cleansed" of vulgar words? The list is long, I want to simply note that our testimony is not only in beautiful speeches!


We love the promise of the Lord who said, "Behold, I am with you every day, until the end of the world" (Matthew 28:20). Are we fully aware that Jesus is with us everywhere and at all times? Can He be "proud" of our knowing how to live or is He "ashamed" for us? Whether we like it or not, the "unconverted" will judge God and the Church through our attitude. Through these lines we do not want to make anyone feel guilty, but simply to bring about an awareness. Remember this at the next barbecue in the nature, at the supermarket checkout, in the next stopper or parking on a disabled place, on public transport, when you talk to the waiter in the restaurant ...


Good reflection.



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