God knows your hearts!

Luke 16:15 - Jesus said to them, "You seek to appear righteous before men, but God knows your hearts."


The screen saver on my computer is an aquarium. It's beautiful and very realistic ... My eyes see fish that wander in the water but all that is wrong! These are just lines of computer code, nothing more.


Like the fig tree that Jesus cursed, we can make a beautiful foliage appear but there is no fruit. You read that right, Jesus cursed him! I do not know if that's what God hates the most but I know He hates appearing. All the ranpanplan implemented to "make believe that" does not impress him at all and the "scraper" of His truth removes all varnish. God knows our hearts! Let us impregnate with these words: "God knows our hearts! ".


We are called by vocation to bear fruit, that is how God glorifies us in our lives (John 15: 8). Understand that this is normal: a born-again Christian has the potential to bear fruit! The divine winemaker does all his pruning work so that we can eat even more fruit. What is the cause if there is only foliage? This is because we do not abide in Jesus and we do not abide in his Word.


My beloved ones, we can make many believe in our surroundings by appearing, but let us not deceive ourselves, all this will never stand before the piercing gaze of God. If we eat from the thought of the world, we will never bear fruit. Abandon all these falsehoods to follow the blessed path of truth and sincerity. The stakes are crucial, of eternal importance!


Good reflection.


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