The project that is happening!

Proverbs 19.21 - Man makes many plans, but only the Lord's decision is fulfilled.


Even if I am fully convinced that it is very important to live each day intensely without too much head in the clouds of the future, I also think that it is essential to form projects. This is part of the basic needs of the human being: he needs to have a goal to reach, to challenge himself, to have aspirations. Life would be dull without it, can not you find?


However, in formulating our projects full of hope, we must take into account our verse. All this is good but God must be there, otherwise these beautiful projects are doomed to failure. Whatever intelligence we deploy to frame our plans, there is one essential element: Is it the will of God?


However, we encounter a major problem in the people of God is that Christians develop "strategies", and after they try to include the Lord: a marriage, a construction, a purchase, a career ... So many projects that are submitted to God after the fact and often because the boat begins to sink.


If we want to know if our project is approved by the Lord, and ultimately it is that which counts because He is the God of the impossible, we must learn not to "pinch" him in our prayer process. What do I mean by that? Never pray, "Lord, I want that, give it to me! But let us pray: "Lord, I know that your plans for me are the best, show me how to participate, what stone can I ask today to your building? ".


You will see my beloved ones, God will show you the way to follow and will communicate to you his projects of peace and not of misfortune! (Jeremiah 29:11)


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