Where is your heart?

Matthew 6.21 - For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


We live in a world where money has taken a huge place. Many relationships are thus truncated, money and interest being the predominance. A sad statement but still very real. But what about us Christians?


The observation is unfortunately too often the same. Money is a taboo subject and the mere fact of talking about it often makes the hair grow on our arms. Of course, if it's a matter of giving because ... when it comes to receiving, we can freely and freely talk about it.


Human beings, including Christians, are ready for many things in order to obtain money: a fight within the family to obtain "our due", falsification of our tax slip, undeclared work, interested relationships. .. In addition, some people use social networks to tell a "pseudo life" to pity and reap money, others will use loneliness and suffering to enlarge their wallet and all this under the name of God! As for gifts and gifts, they have become a rare commodity! To desire to please our neighbor for free is it not something wonderful?


We are consumers. We consume, we consume but we forget that there is more happiness to give than to receive. We forget that all we have is pure grace of God and that we are only the usufructuaries and not the owners. Proverbs 1.19 tells us: "Greed causes the loss of those who engage in it." Let's examine our hearts, let the Lord search us and let us take away all traces of greed! May our hearts be turned to the Lord, who provides for all things and does not abandon his children! Let's find the joy of giving and giving ourselves!


Be fully blessed.


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