We need to say it!

Joshua 1.8 - Let not this book of the law depart from your mouth; meditate day and night, to act faithfully according to all that is written there; because then you will be successful in your businesses, then you will succeed.

This advice was given to Joshua as he was about to bring the people of Israel into the promised land. But what concerns me today is that it does not move away from your mouth! What is the relationship with the daily meditation of the Word? Why refer to the mouth?


My beloved ones, we must pass the stage of reading the Bible. Although it's a great thing to do it, there is more. We must even go beyond the stage of meditating: feeding our souls with the words of our God is certainly an immense blessing, but there is more. We must proclaim the Word! We must speak it, shout it, proclaim it with authority.


Romans 10.10 tells us: "It is by confessing of the mouth that one reaches salvation". Salvation, graces, blessings, fulfillment of promises is within our reach but we need to SAY IT! My wife would call it: call to life. When I read a Word of God for myself, meditate on it, and "rewrite" it in my heart, I must go further: I must proclaim it aloud, confess it with strength and faith. This is how things will move.


Do you know that the Lord is looking for mouths to proclaim his Word? If you re-read Ezekiel 37, ponder this: the LORD could very well have spoken to the bones Himself, but He will say to his prophet, "Prophesy and says ... so says the LORD! ". The Lord seeks in you someone who will proclaim his Word, on your own life, on your family, on your community, on your city, on your nation, on the ends of the earth.


May the Word of God never go away from our mouth!


Good reflection.


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