A pearl in the garden of God!

Psalms 56.8 - You, you hold the account of each step of my wandering life, and my tears even you keep them in your besides. Their account is written in your book.

Is it necessary to say that this psalm was written by King David? This man according to the heart of God had such a communion with his Creator. He had the assurance that each of his tears was gathered by God and that he was counting it in a book. Someone said, "Every tear of love is a pearl in the garden of God! ".


Suffering is an area beyond us. We can try to explain it but we are groping because it remains a mystery. The Lord Jesus did not come to explain it, He came to share it, He came to carry it in his flesh! He has shown the highest compassion, to take upon Himself all the suffering and distress of the human race (Isaiah 53.4).


If He carried it, why do we happen to suffer again? I have no answer to this question my beloved, I confess before you! I may lack faith, knowledge ... it often leaves me speechless. Nevertheless, what I am convinced of is that suffering, which we endure because of love, has a meaning, a value, an inestimable price. Each of the tears, each sigh is collected and recorded. Let us remember the poor Lazarus who received, in the Hereafter, the consolation of all his sufferings (Luke 16.25).


I do not want to apologize for suffering! As I have written elsewhere, never submit to suffering even if we have to endure it. But as a glimmer of hope, a lighthouse in the night, a balm on a wound, a hand on the shoulder, a kiss on the wound of a child who has fallen ... comes this promise of our Lord: " I collect each of your tears in my stuff and I count them in a book ".


Good reflection.


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