The joy of a birth!

John 16.21 - The woman, when she gives birth, is sorrowful because her hour is come; but when she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers suffering, because of the joy she has of what a man is born in the world.

A few years ago our first book was born! We felt great joy and as our verse says, we forgot the hours of writing, layout, correction, looking for a photo ... to fully enjoy the joy of this "birth".


In our house there is a painting with the words: "Dream, imagine, believe! ". This is my beloved purpose: dream, imagine and believe. Paul tells us: "Now to him who can do, by the power that works in us, infinitely beyond all that we ask or think (the Greek word can be translated by imagining - Ephesians 3:20). Do not bury our dreams! Do not allow the enemy to turn them into a nightmare. Let us believe that our God is big enough to make us dream and that these dreams become a reality.


What stops us too often is the prospect of childbirth pain, and my wife would certainly be better able to talk about it. It is a fact, before each birth, it is necessary to cross the long valley of pains. The more our dream is of God, the more the devil will play the role of the abortionist, just look at the story of Joseph. However, at the end, there is an immense joy and a brilliant victory, that of life.


Beloved, you may be sitting by the side of the road, disillusioned and cynical. You had big dreams and a fertile imagination, you believed it hard! My question is Paul's: "You were running well, who stopped you? (Galatians 5.7) Get up, forgive if necessary, and take the path of life, a beautiful birth is at the end!


Good reflection.

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