If we went to the real thing?

1 John 3.18 - Little children, let us not love in word and tongue, but in deeds and with truth.

Hello everyone ! I hope you are well.


I watch every day, on facebook, who is celebrating his birthday. I like to say a word of attention for this particular day which is the day of the birth of my "friends". However, this morning, when I did that, I said to myself, "These are birthdays that do not cost me dear! ". And that brought me into a reflection.


It is true that it is easy for everyone to wish a birthday via the net but what is it in our daily lives? When did we have the joy of making someone happy by giving him a gift, a focus? I also see a lot of posts with "I love you", little hearts and everything and everything ... but when did I say to those around me, to the people whom God placed in my path: "I love you, I have affection for you, you are important in my life "?


Many prayer requests also come out via the net and we click I like, we do a post prayer, but when did we really take time apart to intercede for our brother or our sister in pain?


If today, internally, we ask ourselves these questions?


We live in a "virtual" generation where commitments, words, often sub-superficial. May we return to the real, follow our words with concrete actions.


Good reflection !


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