A free murderer!

Luke 23.17 - At each feast he was obliged to release a prisoner to them. They all shouted together, "Make this one die, and let us go to Barabbas."

The cross in the middle of Golgotha was not to bear the inscription: "Jesus, King of the Jews" but: "Barabbas, murderer! ". Contrary to what we might think, the first to benefit from the grace of Jesus' sacrifice was not the robber on the cross beside Him but this man who was imprisoned, and probably sentenced to death. On the day of his execution, he did not understand that he could be released.


Yet what has happened to him is the essence of God's grace and good news. He was offered a new chance and the Lord would die in his place. We do not know if he "benefited" from this windfall, but the opportunity to change his life was offered to him.


The Lord comes to us saying, "These are your" crimes ", but I release the debt of your guilt by taking your condemnation on Me". Jesus is truly the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29), which takes away the weight of the sin that is on your life. No matter what you did, a second, third, tenth chance is offered. The cross in the middle of Golgotha could carry the inscription, Claudy, Corinne (put your name), sinner! But Jesus of Nazareth took our place.


When you come out of your prison, free and absolved, think of this love that God has shown for you. Seize the grace that is given to rebuild your life in a good way, offering your life to this wonderful God.


Good reflection !

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