Psalms 37.7 - Keep silent before the LORD, and hope in him.


This is something that is unusual in our moments of prayer: to remain silent! We have so much to say, to ask, to invoke, to "claim" that our times of prayer often resemble a monologue. It's not because God does not want to talk to us but He can not "put" one. And after we "dumped", we get up and say, "Ah, that's good." We do not imagine what we are missing.


Are you aware that the Lord, the Heavenly Father, wants to speak to you personally, and this regularly. But for that you have to be predisposed to! God does not have the habit of speaking in a vacuum, He often waits for us to listen to him.


Silence before God is very beneficial not only to hear him answer us but also to enter into contemplation. There is an area of worship that goes beyond words. Before the majesty and grandeur of the person of God, before his extraordinary work, we can only remain dumb with admiration. These moments imbue us with his glory.


Finally silence also makes us hear our inner "voices", that is, what is happening in the world of our thoughts and feelings. Silence before God probes us, scans us, denudes us ... His presence illuminates us on who we really are and brings to light the very depths of our hearts. This "examination" is not and will never be for the condemnation but it is to bring us to a true freedom, to a radiant transparency. Take for example a window: it looks clean but if the sun shines on it, we see full of traces. Our heart is so, but if the divine Comforter comes to clean it, it is brilliant transparency!


My beloved ones, it is to our advantage to regularly take time of silence before our God. We can hear him speak to us, we will be able to contemplate him and we will let him probe us.


Good reflection.

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