Meditation of the day - November 10, 2018

Where is your treasure?


Matthew 6.21 – for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Someone said in prayer, "I do not ask you for heaven but I ask you, because where you are is heaven! ". I found that this prayer was strong enough. We often ask many things in our prayer and we say so seldom, never to say, "I want you, Lord." Yet, if the Lord gives himself to us, we will have all things with Him (Romans 8:32).


"Keep your heart more than anything else," said Solomon (Proverbs 4.23). To protect it from danger, we must take care of what makes our treasure, because that is where our heart will want to go! It is not too difficult to know what makes our "treasure", just listen to us when we speak: "It is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks" (Matthew 12.34). What words come out of my mouth? Which company am I looking for? What are my prayer topics? So many clues as to whether our "treasure" is the one it should be, namely: my Lord.


The danger for us Christians is to believe that Jesus is our "treasure" when it is not the case. Our heart can be attached to the church, to our ministry, to this or that person of the body of Christ, to praise, to an eloquent preacher, to the atmosphere of the community, to the blessing, to the supra-spiritual experiences, donations ... All this is not bad in itself, but it is not the "pearl of great price"!


My beloved ones, may our hearts be fully attached to God! In Him we have everything and the love that He has shown us by His grace is so extraordinary. We can steal everything, everything can deteriorate, except the Lord! No one will be able to rob us and He will remain forever the same, full of compassion, mercy and love. "Yes Lord, I want you, because when I am with you, I am in heaven".


Good reflection.


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