Meditation of the day - November 12, 2018

To you to die and live!


2 Timothy 4.10 – for Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica …


It is not easy to make a chronology of the Bible. However, we can think that 2 Timothy is the last letter written by Paul before his execution (he would have died beheaded in Rome). If I speak of this, it is because Demas of which our verse speaks was about six or seven years earlier a companion of the apostle (compare Colossians 4:14 and Philemon 1:24). What drives me to think: why did he give up?


A fellow worker of the Apostle Paul was to be a "strong fellow", manifesting a sincere conversion and deep zeal for the Lord. He had to live extraordinary things in the ministry for God. When he abandoned Paul, it was most likely to save his life because he risked the death penalty as well. When Paul says he is too attached to the present world, he does not mean that he has returned to the world, denying faith, but that his life on earth seemed to him more important than the celestial life that awaits all children. of God faithful. Could we blame him?


When the persecution comes, and it will come, will we be able to stand firm? Shall we go all the way or will we seek compromise? To tell the truth, we will only be able to answer this question when we are confronted with this crucial choice. I know we might be tempted to make big statements as this song tells us: "Until the end I want to follow you ... to you to die and live ...". To tell the truth, my beloved ones, only the grace of God on us will allow us to pass this test.


We do not know what has become of Demas and maybe we will find him up there again. Yes forgiveness and grace is also for those who flank! Maybe you abandoned the Lord because it seemed too difficult for you. Return to Him, He does not reject you, on the contrary He is willing to overcome your weakness.


Good reflection.


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