Meditation of the day - November 13, 2018

Do not plug the wells!


Genesis 26.18 – Now Isaac again dug the wells of water which had been dug in the days of Abraham his father, because the Philistines had filled them up after the death of Abraham; and he gave the wells the same names that his father had given them.


A few days ago, by opening our tap, I became aware of the privilege we had to have running water and I said to myself: "Say that some people have to walk for miles to get this water! ". My heart was filled with a mixture of gratitude to the Lord and compassion for the beloved ones who do not have that comfort.


I find that there is some idiocy in the attitude of the Philistines that relates our verse. Finding water is not always a sinecure, especially at the time, and here they were "fun" to fill the wells. I come to the realization that some build and others strive to destroy.


In the ministry, we often found that "Christians" were going behind us to demolish the work that the Lord had done. Their motives were driven by jealousy, slander, disbelief, hatred, rancor ... so much so that the well of life that had been opened was stuffed with plenty of rubbish. The Lord will evaluate the work of everyone!


We are always dismayed to see the blindness of some of the changes God's grace is making in the lives of his children because they are disturbed, disapproved or frustrated. My beloved ones, let us think carefully about what animates us when we are tempted to strangle, destroy or despise the work of another. The consequences and losses for the Kingdom of God can be tragic.


The spirit that animated Myriam and Aaron develops so easily. Their reproach to Moses was justified but they had forgotten that by touching the man, they had come into dispute with God. Let's put all our energy into digging "wells of life" and help those who do the same thing. Do not use our energy to replenish the progress of others.


Good reflection.

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