Meditation of the day - November 7, 2018

And respect then?


2 Samuel 12.7 – Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!“


A few years ago now, I was in the waiting room of a doctor and I was waiting for my turn with two or three other people.


A woman returns with her daughter and at this very moment, the doctor calls someone from the waiting room. The woman who had just returned said immediately: "After, I pass", as if to warn us that she would not wait for her turn but that she would pass before us and that we had nothing to say. She repeated it several times very loudly to her daughter in case we did not understand. And then here she is talking with her daughter about an old friend who says, "Well, that one, I never spoke to him again and he will not go to our house any more. Finally ! He has no respect. Respect is all the same the least, "and blah blah. I said to myself: "This one, she is swollen! ". Yes, I know ... but you would not have thought the same thing? Finally, in short, she did what she said and she passed in front of everyone!


This led me to reflect and the Lord gradually brought me into a reflection that I wish to share with you today. My question is: do not we act like this woman to speak only of her?


Some Christians are offended to see how other Christians can, on social networks, hurt themselves and make a whole lot of thoughts more nasty than the others. Others wishing to question us post on their profile naked women or half-naked shouting that we are at the end of time as there is debauchery and corrupt manners. Others will shout at the financial scandal of communities, etc.


And in the life of every day! Is not it the same? We have so easy to point out the fault of the other, verse in support. All this blinds us on our own condition. If God said to us on this day, "You are that man! This woman! "? Probably it's been a while since He tries to tell us. The psalmist said: "Prove me, O God! (Psalm 139: 23) He did not say: "Probe the others, O God! ". It is not a question of flogging oneself but of approaching God and telling him: "Lord, change my heart". In any case, my prayer.


Good reflection.

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