Meditation of the day - November 9, 2018

A shout!


Isaiah 60.2 – “For in fact, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness will cover the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon you and His glory and brilliance will be seen on you.


We live in a pivotal and very troubled time. The darkness is thickening and this big black cloud that we were talking about several years ago is well above our heads and it will thicken even more.


As a result, we may have to lower our heads. However, when we meditate on the verse quoted above: oh what joy, what hope! Lord, you make your servants flames of fire (Psalms 104: 4) to bring light into the darkness that is becoming so deep.


My friend (s), the time is not to lower the head, only the contrary! And if we must bow our heads, let it be only before our King of kings. Let us not be like a horse or a mule without intelligence; they are restrained with a brake and a bit, of which they are shielded, so that they do not come near to you (Psalms 32: 9).


By what are we being bridled? What makes our finery: is it our appearance, our money, our relationships, what we know how to do, our ministry, our knowledge? The list is unfortunately very long and different for each of us. What stopped us, if not stopped: "You ran well: who stopped you, to prevent you from obeying the truth? This influence does not come from the one who calls you "(Galatians 5.7).


This is the time to bend our foreheads before our God and to approach Him, the only true God and the only true source of happiness. It is also time to pray like the psalmist: "May God have mercy on us and bless us, let his face shine on us" (Psalms 67-1 or 67.2 according to the versions).


And why do this prayer? The answer is in the following verse: "So that we may know your way on earth, and among all the nations your salvation! (Psalms 67-2 or 67.3 according to the versions). More than a meditation my friends, today is a call that we start to start with ourselves. Lord, forgive our faults, have mercy on us, make your face shine on us.


With all our affection.

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