Operation breath of life

Are you discouraged?

Are you in pain?

Do you feel stagnant, everything seems dead in your life and your heart?

Are you thirsty for God?

Do you want to enter a new prophetic dimension?

Are you tired of working on your calling? Do you want a new impulse?

Do you want to see God transform your city, your country?

Join us and live together!

What is the Breath of Life operation?

It's an appointment with God. Operation Breath of Life aims to meet whatever our denomination, to seek the face of God. These times are not based on a pre-established program but on listening to how the Lord wants to direct things through His Spirit. This encounter can be marked by teaching, by adoration, by intercession while remembering that the primary goal is to seek the face of God, not to approach Him with a request list. but to remain as Mary, listening to Him. We stop a time to approach his fire and so take or resume fire in Him.

What happens during these meetings?

The Holy Spirit works miracles. Some are restored, comforted, healed, delivered, encouraged, strengthened, raised, others are called or rehabilitated in their call, ... fire invades hearts again!

Why, Operation Breath of Life?

Several years ago, we had received the vision of a big black cloud advancing on Europe and especially on France. The Lord put on our hearts that very difficult times were coming upon our countries, times of persecution and oppression, which led us into intercession. Today, this big black cloud is there, above our country. The origin of the problem is very far away and the Bible speaks about it. What happens to our country is therefore a spiritual problem that can only be stopped by spiritual intervention. We believe that Christians and community leaders must come together under the banner of Christ to pray together for France or their country (not just in their respective divides). Listening to the Holy Spirit to receive God's guidance, and live oneness. This will provide a welcome boost and begin to change the spiritual climate of the country.


We carry the scripture-based ministry: Ezekiel 37. Life could only return when the bones came closer.


On our side, we have already lived in Brussels and Paris, meetings that are in line with this unity found again and this, in collaboration with the Apostolic Mission and the AIMB. Other operations are planned.


It is not necessary to envisage large-scale gatherings, the goal being that the children of God, all Christians of the same locality, can come together. The context of a house is enough. This operation is not a movement, just a desire to come together to follow the movement of the Holy Spirit, to be inspired by Him, to listen to Him in an atmosphere of freedom, of fraternal sharing so that our hearts will beat again. in tune with that of God and perceive his strategies for the city and the common actions that we could put in place.

You feel challenged, here is how to register in this approach:

- Joining us during an operation Breath of Life;

- by becoming the one by whom God brings this Breath of life into your city (go to the contact tab),

- by encouraging your Christian contacts to organize this type of meeting or to join one of them or to mandate a collaborator to do so,

- by registering you as an intercessor for this operation (go to the contact tab),

- by disseminating information.

See you soon. The army of God is already on move!

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