Our Book - The heart of God burns for you



There are moments in our lives where we need to take a break.


This stop allows us to take the time to ask ourselves the right questions, to take stock of our life and the why of it, and to define the choices that are needed to make things change.


We believe that if this book is in your hands, it is time for you to pause to understand the reasons why you are on this earth.


You are not the result of chance. You are not an accident, you are wanted and chosen by God.


Through these pages, you will discover how much you are loved and how to enter your true destiny.


We wish you a good trip!


Be fully blessed.

With love.

Claudy and Corinne

The final word


Our last word is that it is only the beginning for you, a new life opens up to you and in your everyday life you do ordinary things, you will live extraordinary things, we are certain of it.

We encourage you to join others who have experienced the new birth, this new life in Jesus Christ.


Oh, it would be lying to tell you that you will not have any more difficulties but you will not be alone anymore to cross them. God will give you the strength to overcome everything.


God has promises for your life and as you walk with Him, He will reveal them to you.


Your destiny is in His hand. So, go ahead and do not be afraid!


With all our affection.

Claudy and Corinne