Chapter 1 - Evolutionism

Evolutionism brings together all theories on the creation of the universe, the appearance of life and the evolution of species developed by Charles Darwin in his book "The origin of species by natural selection" published in 1859 .


These different theories contradict this statement of the Bible: "God finally says, Let us make human beings; that they are like an image of us, a picture really like! (Genesis 1.26). In this chapter, we want to demonstrate the weaknesses of these theories. They are taught as an exact science, yet since Darwin, genetics, geology, astronomy, and other sciences have undermined the validity of this belief.


The theory of evolution is taught to us as if it were an established fact, with the same persuasion as history or geography. However, according to the Larousse dictionary, a theory is a speculative knowledge, that is to say arbitrary and unverifiable. To tell the truth, it appeals to credulity just like the story of Genesis. Do not believe that the proofs are irrefutable and evolutionism gives no explanation on the universe. Today, thanks to powerful telescopes, we can observe that the universe spans four billion and a half light-years and astronomers agree that it is constantly expanding. The Big Bang theory (an event comparable to a gigantic explosion, which is at the origin of the expansion of the Universe) does not explain where the ingredients for this explosion come from. Two stars would have crossed a little too closely and the generated chaos would have created our solar system. Where did these two stars come from?


Romans 1.20 - For ever since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through His workmanship, so taht they are without excuse ans without defense.


Whatever may be said of it, in whatever way the question is turned, there has been a beginning, and behind this beginning there can only be a reasonable understanding. If we look around: the sky, the nature, our own body ... all this would come only by an incalculable sequence of coincidences which we do not know how it would have started? As one friend said: "It takes a lot of faith not to believe in God"!


This intelligence, this is our Creator, it is He who created all things and who is revealed today in his Word, the Bible. We derive our existence directly from Him and we can not be fully fulfilled until we find our identity in Him. The appearance of life on earth by chance is incompatible with that and although Genesis is not a treatise of science, it is full of common sense.


I met a lot of people who thought that man is descended from the monkey, the theory of evolution, then. But when I asked if they had deepened the question, the answer was almost always no. Now, our origin is a very important thing, my destiny is quite different if I am an improved monkey or a creature created in the image of God. There is a lot of inconsistency in evolution and I'm just going to take one: the appearance of life.


Evolutionists explain that the primitive atmosphere was very different from ours. For an inert molecule to become a living organic molecule, it took eleven consecutive chemical steps in an atmosphere of chaos. Every step is possible but so unlikely. Mathematicians have tried to calculate this probability: there is a probability on billions that only one of these steps happens. Since there are 11 steps, it is necessary to put this probability to the exponent 11. To explain what an exponent is, here is an example. You take the road to an unknown destination. On this road you will have to choose 11 times between three paths where there is no indication. You get 3 at exponent 11. You have to multiply 3 by 3, that is 9, and multiply 9 by 3, that is 27, and so on 11 times, which gives 177.147. So you have a probability of 1 in 177,147 to arrive safely.


Another example of the probability of the appearance of life on earth by "chance": Imagine a lottery where you have to find 15 numbers on a box of 200 and you win the jackpot 11 times in a row ...


The best demonstration is that in the laboratory, where the conditions are optimal and not chaotic as in the primitive atmosphere, no one has been able to create life from an inert molecule! And even if it did, it would show that it takes intelligence to do it. Chance can not create anything, the appearance of life by chance is a utopia, even a lie. Only the intelligence of God could create life.


Paul's epistle to the Romans tells us that some human beings boast of being wise but that they are insane. Evolutionists need a lot of time for their theory to be plausible, several billion years, a primary cell does not turn into a human being like that, it takes thousands of thousands of mutant generations.


The only worry is that the age of our solar system hardly exceeds ten thousand years. Why ? First, because if the moon were so old, the cosmic dust from its soil would have to make kilometers when they are only about ten centimeters. There is also the size of our sun. The sun shrinks by about a meter and a half a year. So if our solar system was four billion years old, the size of our sun at the start was 6 million kilometers (to arrive at this figure calculate 1.5 m multiplied by 4 billion) bigger than today's now, enough to completely burn the poor little blue planet.


And what to say again! Genetically we are closer to pork than monkey ... a cat has never made a dog ... Darwin strongly doubted his theory at the end of his life ... The only observed evolution is always within the same species. The carbon test 14, which is used to date bones for example, is not so reliable as that. A person who died of rickets thirty years ago will be dated to a million years by carbon 14. The scientific world is very divided on this subject, in short ...


Everyone makes their choices in matters of faith. But it's not fair to say that science "dismounts" the Bible. God is revealed as the Creator, He really is, and nothing and no one can change that fact. What will be your choice?