Chapter 11 - Our daily bread.

As our physical body needs food every day, the new being that we are needs to be nourished by the meditation of the Bible.


Psalm 1.2 and 3 - But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night. And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season; its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers.


The meditation of the Word of God is so refreshing. There is a real pleasure in reading it and maturing it in our souls. Meditation can be done day and night, just having our hearts and minds ready for the Holy Spirit to start talking to us and He can do it even in our sleep. He is the one who inspired the scriptures, we can not do without his enlightenment to understand what He meant. Without the Spirit, the letter kills us the Bible. Without the Spirit of God in meditation we are going to be completely confused and mysticism is watching us. Indeed, the goal is not to acquire a "knowledge", on the contrary the goal of the Word is to shape us to live it in our daily life. When we meditate on the Word of God, it comes to life, becomes practical, self-evident, and we know exactly how to lead and behave. If our meditation is not aimed at this objective: Better live my faith from day to day, I'm just swelling vanity. In verse 3, there are four promises for one who meditates the Word in this way.


Psalm 1.3 - And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water,


So what are these four promises for the one who meditates on the Word of God? First, it is watered. Have you ever felt like you're dry or empty? The daily routine tends to provoke this feeling. We can live moments when we are filled with the presence of God, but if we do not get close to the current of water, a few days later, we will be dry again.


We need to be planted near the water of the Holy Spirit. The tree planted near a watercourse constantly receives this freshness. This promise tells me that I will release something healthy, the rivers of living water will flow from me, how? By meditating the Word of God! The Word of God is going to produce this gush in me. The words of my mouth will produce life, they water the desert that surrounds me. The image of the tree also promises us strength and stability, a healthy anchoring, a rooting of wisdom, in short, maturity. The more the tree grows, the more its roots sink into the ground. Our knowledge of God the Father, of Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit will deepen to make us unshakable in the face of the difficulties of life, not to mention that the tree also serves as a refuge for all kinds of sentient beings. fragile. This is what the daily meditation of the Word produces!


Psalm 1.3 - Which yields its fruit in its season;


Jesus told us that He had chosen us and made us to bear fruit (John 15:16). Our destiny, as children of God, is to be bearers of life and this life is manifested in fruit. But what is the fruit of the tree called Christian? We immediately think of Galatians 5.22 and 23, which reveals to us the fruit of the Spirit, that is, the character of God manifested in us through love, peace, joy, etc. In front of this list, we realize very quickly our own weakness and that it will be necessary to work hard to arrive there. Unfortunately all too often, we engage our energy in the bad fight, we try to change ourselves, I become my worst enemy and I force my flesh, incompatible with the Spirit to produce the fruit. Who gives his fruit at the right time? The tree near the stream. Who is this tree? He who meditates the Word.The energy is to be put in the meditation of the Word of God, it is, with the "complicity" of the Holy Spirit, the means of regeneration that will change us from glory to glory until it resembles Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). My flesh can not change my character, the Holy Spirit with the Word of God yes. I do not know how to heal myself from my wounds of life, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God yes. The Holy Spirit uses the Word to comfort us and in this fruit that He produces in us, there is all the healing of God.


Psalm 1.3 - Its leaf does not wither;


We would all like to keep youth and freshness, yet ... Let's go back to the one who meditates on the Word. As you will have understood, this third promise does not concern the physical, though, but it concerns the interior of our soul. Many people are withered by the wounds of life: grudge, bitterness, non-forgiveness are all symptoms of this wilt and God knows how much man can suffer. The meditation of the Word of God will bring a real balm to these wounds. The promises it contains will reach us deeply and show us the way out to freedom, because through it all of God's compassion towards us manifests itself. A good meditation takes time and this inner healing is not instantaneous but we can see the evolution over months, even years. This interior work will have a real effect on our external appearance, we will be green and fresh, we will project a healthy image, relaxing and peaceful. The Bible is not a book like any other. Its reading and its daily practice will have a decisive impact on our entire being.


Psalm 1.3 - And in whatever he does, he prospers.


If we take the time to meditate on the Word of God, our activity will be blessed. The Bible gives many tips on how to behave and on human relationships. She is full of wisdom and common sense but she also gives spiritual "keys" to live a victorious life. She is really the truth. Understanding and applying one's principles in our life can only lead us to success.Since the human being needs to be loved, if we love as she suggests, our social relations will be profound. The Word drives us to honesty, if we put it into practice, our trading relationships will be prosperous. The Bible also explains how to behave with money, if we listen we will never miss anything. Finally it is a promise but it is mainly a logical consequence. Meditating the Word leads us to live according to the Creator, in what He has planned by creating us. If you buy a new mobile phone, it's in the manual that you will find tips and tricks to get the most out of your device. The Bible is the "Manufacturer's Manual" for this wonderful creation that is man.


We often talk about the Holy Spirit. To continue to grow it is essential to know well or better. We will therefore speak very briefly about who He is.