Chapter 2 - The occult.

Some people want by their beliefs to attribute creation to chance, advocating that the truth can come only from science, others prefer to believe in the supernatural, but this supernatural is not good.


Occultism is everywhere: It goes from the "fortune teller" to holistic medicine through martial arts, Zen, mantra or yoga. We think it is important to stop for a few moments on this subject.


In the Bible, God challenges people by telling them not to do that kind of thing. It's like a dad telling his child, out of love, not to put his hand on the fire because he's going to get burned. But, unfortunately, the world has completely forgotten this recommendation and we can find soothsayers everywhere, whether in the classifieds or in the festivals. People, thirsting for spiritual, consult and hope to get something for their lives but here are some good reasons not to do it. First, a number of them are charlatans, they think only one thing, make money fast. Others are strong personalities and they find the means, through these consultations, to dominate the weaker personalities and they derive satisfaction from the power. Then, what is the point of knowing one's future, especially when it is negative, if no possibility of change is offered? The only thing it causes is fear and anguish. Finally, the best reason is that when someone turns to clairvoyance, he offers his life to the devil. He takes the opportunity to hurt him. I know there are people who are deceived, they are sincere and want to help but the devil manipulates them. When the Lord recommends that we do not have such practices, He does so because He loves us. He knows very well what disastrous consequences these acts will have.


Some will say to me: What is said is right. To tell the truth, what is announced by clairvoyance is the future that the devil reserves for those who turn to her! By consulting those who predict the future, people give him a full right to direct the events of their lives.He can promise even "good" things, but this at the cost of suffering and torment.


Whoever consults a seer is bound. But it is possible to be free by simply asking God for forgiveness and asking that the blood of Jesus cleanse us. God is faithful and just to forgive us and make us free.


God also challenges us to the dangers of astrology and yet almost all newspapers, almost all radios offer us the horoscope of the day. In just a few lines or well developed, our short term future is announced. It is enough that we are asked for our astral sign, we will be able to answer, even if the horoscope does not interest us. So according to our date of birth, we are given a character and characteristics. One day I asked a lady, fascinated by the horoscope: Does that mean that there are only twelve different characters in men? No, the character of the human being is not formed according to its date of birth or the movement of the planets, it is formed on four major fundamental elements: heredity (the character of its parents), education ( everything we learn from our environment and that leads us to convictions), lived experiences (positive and negative experiences) and spiritual influences (good or bad). Astrology can not help us and even if it seems harmless, it seeks to make us slaves and push us further into the occult.


However, when we are free from sin, and we will talk about it later, we are born again under the sign of the Lamb. He has the capacity to transform our old character, unpleasant and destructive, into a character filled with grace, love, joy, peace, goodness ... (Galatians 5.22).


In the book of Deuteronomy, we find another recommendation: That of not questioning the dead. Spiritualism is one of the occult practices that leave the most "after-effects". Often attracted by curiosity, young people try to come into contact with the dead by different media and I noticed that these "experiences" leave deep marks in the soul and create personality disorders. We even met, within the ministry, houses marked by the spiritist activity. Occupants feel uncomfortable, perceive presences and live in fear. More cruel still, others are attracted because of the loss of a loved one and they wish to keep the "contact" still a little, thinking to be able to talk with the loved one. A mourning is painful but it must be understood that behind death there is an abyss and that those who have crossed the border can not return. The "sent messages" do not reach these dear ones but evil spirits who accentuate the pain even more. My friends, spiritualism is a very dangerous practice! The God of love does not want us to seek contact with the dead because He knows very well that we will be in contact with spirits of demons who will lead us away from the truth. And if we have already "tried" this practice, the forgiveness of God is always possible, the better He can make us free from the anxiety that pursues us. By praying to the heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, our prayers will be heard and answered, He will manifest in us his life of resurrection and He will reveal all the deceptive maneuvers that are hidden in the spiritual world.


2 Timothy 4.3 - For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine and accurate instruction; but wanting to have their ears tickled they will accumulate for themselves teachers to satisfy their own desires and to support the errors they hold.



I would like to approach an occult movement even more subtle than those revealed above: it is the New Age (New Age). He invaded our world and his philosophy and maybe without knowing it he influenced us.


For short, the doctrine of the New Age is simple: the whole universe is only One, and this One is God. Which means that I am God, You are God, as well as the tree in your garden and the bird that has made its nest there. Evil is the "dark side" of One (yes Star Wars), that is, good and evil dwell in God. All religions are good, at least in part, the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Tibetan Deaths ... all give part of the universal truth. This philosophy is reflected in what is called holistic medicine (medicines that approach man as a whole: body, soul and spirit, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, iridology or homeopathy) . Man is the summit of evolution, the ultimate of "nature", so he does not need redemption (sacrifice for his faults), he just needs to leave the good that is in him triumph difficulty.


Finally it is the oldest of the temptations, already the serpent in the Garden of Eden had suggested to Eve: You will be gods (Genesis 3.5) and obviously, the need for forgiveness and new birth (indispensable to the salvation) is passed in silence. If this philosophy can satisfy the intelligence, it can not satisfy the conscience and the spiritual need of the human being.


Finally, I would like to end up talking about the trivialization of everything that touches the world of darkness to make it "nice". It starts with the Halloween party through the movies of horror, blood, magic or video games. This way of acting is no less dangerous than trivializing alcohol, drugs or unbridled sex, the backside of the scene is clearly less "friendly".


At first glance we could find this "nice": The idea of entertaining ourselves by demystifying our ancestral fears ... Yes, but because there is a big BUT, human beings, as usual, touch things they are not aware of. Putting your finger on it is not innocent, it aims to prepare our hearts, especially those of our children, in the occult domain. No matter how much we try to demystify our fears, denigrate them as nonexistent, this is not the solution and many will remain marked.


Do you have unexplainable anxieties? Do you regularly have horrible nightmares? Are you more and more addicted to a morbid and dark atmosphere ... You can find peace and freedom, Jesus paid the price on the cross. It is enough for you to come to Him as you are so that He can make you free.


After these first two chapters, perhaps you better understand why we arrived at the dark street of our film. It was necessary to speak of these things to understand "the cross". We will now talk about what Jesus Christ of Nazareth said on this cross and how important these words are.