Imagine that you were in a movie theater in front of a giant screen. Everything is dark and silent. Suddenly, a dazzling line of light rips this screen. You see little by little the creation of worlds, luminous, stars, a glittering milky way of all sorts of colors. You see little by little the earth emerge from the abyss, the continents to be formed being accompanied by a masterful music. A lush flora appears in front of your amazed eyes, flowers of all kinds of shapes and colors. You smell their scents tickling your nostrils. Surprised, you begin to see a swarm of animals. Small, big, huge. The camera zooms out and you discover all the beauty of the blue planet. You feel a deep harmony and an indescribable peace. The camera zooms in again and you find yourself in a beautiful garden. You finally see a man and a woman, full of grace, of strength, they give off a magnificence that you have never seen. Everything seems so perfect...


After a brief dark fader, another shot. You are in a dark street. You notice by forcing your eyes a human being on the ground bathed in vomit. You inhale a strong smell of urine and dirt. A deep sense of fear grips you. You feel insecure and almost palpable violence. Cries of anguish tear the heavy atmosphere that envelops you. Everything looks sordid, offbeat, rotten, infected ... You remember the first images you saw and a disturbing question is in your mind: But what happened?


When we see the state in which our world is, it is normal to ask the question: Is there a God? And if indeed there is a God, what does He do? Is He affected by the human condition? Does He care about humanity? Does He care about me? So many questions often left unanswered and which this book wishes to answer. Yes God exists and He cares about humanity but also about you in particular. This God reveals himself through the Bible as a God filled with love and passion for the human being. He knows us all personally and He has accomplished what is essential for us to be able to find a relationship with Him.


When God created the heavens and the earth, everything was good, very good. The human being was created in his likeness to live in an intimate relationship with Him. But this glorious destiny was broken by a catastrophic event: evil entered the world. All this happened because the first human beings, Adam and Eve, yielded to the temptation to make themselves independent of God. They preferred to choose their own way by doubting the veracity of the Word that God had spoken. They listened to the subtle lie of the sworn enemy of the Creator: the devil. Their foolish choice plunged all humanity into suffering, pain, illness and finally death.


To understand the message of hope in this book, it is therefore of paramount importance to become aware of our need for God's love. We can benefit this love and find a reason to live, a solution to our problems and an abundant life.


However, to find this relationship with the Creator, we need to change our mindset. To begin to believe in this wonderful and loving God, we must turn our backs on beliefs that have substituted for true faith. These beliefs are born from the choice of human beings to dispense with God, to conceal it, to deny its existence in order to secure itself in the consciousness of eternity and the fundamental need of God's love.

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