Prophecies for our time

What we are going to explain to you about this prophecy is over a period of about thirty years. It is the fruit of our sharing between us. We hope that this prophecy, which is based on dreams, visions and reflections will challenge you, in any case that you retain what is good. These are our experiences and they made us think. You are probably not called to live the same experiences but we invite you with all our heart to approach the living God, to seek Him and Him alone. It is He who will take the initiative and decide the time and experience you are called to live. We want to make this clear because experience should not take precedence over the relationship with God and no prophecy should go beyond what the Lord wants to tell you personally. The development does not follow the chronology of what we have received but the chronology of events that should come in a more or less near future.


First warnings


One day at the end of worship, I see a picture in vision and this, three times. They are mountains and roofs, full of roofs. I do not understand but I say to God, if it comes from you, you will explain it to me. A week later, I go to a pastor who was challenged by the vision of Ezekiel 37. We decided to have prayer time on this subject. This pastor asks me to wait two minutes in a room because he has to finish something. So I go back into the room, sit down and look around. Before my eyes, on the wall, is the picture I had in vision. Of course, I do not fail to ask what this table represents. The pastor explained to me: "The mount that you see is Mount Aigoual and the roofs are the roofs of the houses where the Huguenots were hiding".


To be honest, I did not even know what a Huguenot was. Also, I ran out of the house to inquire about it. A brother helped me and lent me a book on these Huguenots. I cried a lot while reading this book when I saw all the atrocities done under the cover of God, but I was also amazed to read all that God was doing, still amazed to see through which people God was doing it. People often uneducated, children, but filled with love for God and ready to die for Christ because knowing that an excellent home was waiting for them. The question that came to my heart was: "And you, how far would you go for Me". My answer was and still is: "Lord, only you know, if you do not intervene in my heart, if I'm not on fire for you, surely I will deny you. to stand upright, we can remember the greatest awakenings in the history of mankind, even that of the time of the Huguenots.We can proclaim that the awakening arrives but we often forget in what context these revivals took place and to what price.


On my side, I receive a vision. There is an army, dressed in a current uniform which is at rest in a plain. All the soldiers are seated. A few soldiers play cards, another cooks eggs in his helmet and another again, sits down his sock. None of them owns a weapon. As a camera turns to another plane, I see that to the right of the army, there is a small desert hill (a kind of dune) that hides soldiers sitting behind the hill. There is no sentry. Behind this hill is an army covered with iron cuirasses, as in the Middle Ages, well armed even though its weapons are old. This army is well arranged in several squares, in order of battle, and each square is a rider, a leader, carrying a different banner. This army is ready to attack the army at rest. It should be noted that all squares are next to each other and all are ready to attack at the same time.


From these first two visions emerges the following message: There will be a time of strong persecution but also a powerful awakening, with a powerful prophetic manifestation that will pass, among others, by children of God without fame. However, the Church of Jesus Christ is not ready. The army at rest represents the Church of today. The army ready for the attack, it is the army of darkness that remains the same and who has always used the same means to destroy the people of God: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (1 John 2:16). The Church today is unaware of the danger and is not armed to face the fight that will follow.


We are challenged by the text of Acts 12 which relates the imprisonment of Peter. Many children of God are like Peter: They are locked up, surrounded by Roman soldiers (demonic powers) who prevent them from entering their destiny with God. The Word of God is sent to them (angel) for:


- wake them from a sleep that can bring them to death,

- invite them to get up so that their chains fall,

- invite them again to take back what they left in the hands of the enemy, namely: the sandals (their zeal), the belt (a life consecrated to Christ, lived in truth and without compromise) and their cloak (anointing and spiritual gifts).


It is time for the children of God to rise, to take back what they have left in the hands of the enemy and to revive the gift they have received.


Second warnings


One day, as I stand before God, I get the vision of a big black cloud. A scary cloud. I do not know how to explain it with words, but it's as if a voice tells me: "This cloud is coming to Europe and particularly to France, cloud of strong oppression and persecution."


Many years later, we receive together the following: We might think that today we are in times of spiritual abundance and that this will continue. God does nothing without talking to his prophets and now his message through the mouths of many of them is that hard times are coming. These difficult times will certainly not be material but they will also be spiritual oppression and starvation. What we need is to store in ourselves, as long as we have the opportunity, the Word of God and to regain true intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is the only way to be able to hold in this time of oppression and spiritual scarcity and to be able to share this seed with the world which does not know God and who will also be terribly hungry for truth.


Third warnings


I receive a dream. I am at the top of a montage and I see down there full of people busy with various occupations or entertainment. Suddenly, the earth trembles, once and then twice. I know that a third earthquake will take place and that it will be fatal for all. There is nothing more to whom or what to cling to except Jesus.


We have clung to many things and have many crutches for many of us. These can be called labor, possessions and material goods, travels, popularity, ... and even ministry. All of these things, which are not necessarily bad in themselves, have gradually taken the place of God in our lives. Let's not wait for the earth to tremble to release them at the foot of the cross and to seize the hand of our Lord, Jesus.


We are also challenged by the text of Acts 27. A boat leaves the harbor believing to be master of her destiny. A big storm arrives:


- They throw their cargo to the sea (things that have too much weight in our lives and slow us down, this can be our religiosity, our Cartesian reasoning, our materialism, our knowledge, ...).

- They throw the tackle: all that allows to drive a ship. To make a decision not to drive our lives ourselves, to abandon our security, is a death to oneself.

- They separate from the boat: All that would allow us to have an emergency situation (woolen stockings, relational, ...)

- They throw the wheat into the sea. All let go, even the most basic security to cling to Jesus as in the dream and be able to get out of the storm safe and sound.


The period of desolation


I receive another dream. Here are some excerpts. A calm sea but in a dark night. People in the sea clinging to pieces of boat debris. These people are able to float on the water. Some are out of breath, ready to die, for others, it's too late, they are already drowned floating on the surface of the water. People are on a makeshift raft. They are led by the Spirit of God, I remind you that it is dark, very dark, it is impossible to go to these shipwrecked without this spiritual leadership. The people on the raft go from one castaway between life and death to another, they pull them on the raft and they come back to life. It is not a big raft but in the hands of the Lord, it is effective.


The years have passed on this dream and here is our reflection. The boats represent the communities. Some will fly in shine. We have shared for many years that there is a big black cloud of persecution happening in our European countries. This cloud is unfortunately there. These communities, for some, will burst because of their disobedience to God because there is wickedness instead of love, false pretenses instead of truth, ... For others, it is the persecution which will make them close and disappear. But no matter, the result remains the same. This small raft represents a simple place, a house, a small group of prayer; small but in which God wants to restore and bring back to life these people victims of the sinking of the boats.


The promise


Another dream was given to me: A very dry, cracked earth, everything seems dead. Yet at some point, I see worms coming to the surface through crevasses. There are church bells ringing. A rain arrives, first fine then gradually, the rain becomes torrential. The presence of God is very very strong. That's wonderful ! In fact, in appearance, everything seems dead, but it is not. Certainly life is underground but very present and ready to go out when the glory of God is manifested.


Ezekiel 37 (see the vision) makes perfect sense. After these painful events, the Spirit will blow from the four winds to gather a great army that will stand until the end.


To synthesize, we often say it, we are in Ezekiel 37 verse zero, just before this terrible moment where there remains only a valley of dry bones. We have on our hearts that a big black cloud is on our country. That there will be a time of strong persecutions and this can take various forms. A time when everything will seem dead. However, at the given moment by God, the life of God will be manifest and in an incredible way. God will raise people, children, adolescents, people of all horizons ... to manifest his glory.


Maybe it will be in a time when we will say, as in Ezekiel 37, our hope is dead, we are lost. A time when we will recognize that we are poor, blind and naked and that we desperately need God. We seem to be alive but what is it really? We need to catch fire for our God, to vibrate in tune with his heart, to find our first love for Him. We have a tendency to hide the face. We are good. We are spiritual. We want novelty, fun. We like to be rocked with words that say the alarm is coming to our country, that all is well. Would we be like in the time of Jeremiah? The Lord tells us to each, refocus your life on Me because the times that are coming are going to be difficult. Get ready. Do not focus more on yourself, on your personal fulfillment, on your ministry, on your prophetic, your ... but concentrate on Me and Me alone. Do not look to the right or to the left anymore, do not let yourself be swept away by any wind of doctrine, do not seek the experience but search for Me in the secret place, listen to Me when you meditate on the Word and I will speak to you. Root in Me.


Even if this painting looks black, we want to encourage you. You are part of the Army of God, do not sit, get up, and even give up some of your activities that absorb you. Take back your uniform, like Peter in prison, take back your weapon and you will not be caught off guard by the attack of the enemy. You will be on the raft, led by the Holy Spirit, to bring up those who have fallen. You will be from those who come out of the earth to welcome the torrential rain of the awakening of God. You will be of those who prophesy like Ezekiel the recovery of dry bones.

Claudy et Corinne © Ézéchiel 37 Ministries, March 2017

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