Do not flee to Egypt!

The Lord showed me that many of his children were leaving their Canaan, the place of promise, to flee to Egypt. Because the times become difficult and there is a famine: spiritual hunger, sentimental famine, financial famine, famine of all kinds, these leave the altar, place of forgiveness, of passage in a new life, place of consecration and place of worship, to be inspired by the spirit of the world.


Let us remember that Abram left Canaan for Egypt because there was famine (see Genesis 12:10). It was in these circumstances that he lied, that Sarai, his wife, was taken away by Pharaoh and that he took her for a wife; it is probably also that Hagar was offered to him as a "gift" and we know the dramatic consequences of the union between Abram and her.


If you leave your Canaan for Egypt, the consequences will be heavy for you too.

But will you say, on what occasion do I leave my Canaan for Egypt?

- Every time you leave the place where God has placed you, without He having asked you to do it!

- When you are looking for a better paying job at the expense of the time you spend with God or at the expense of your family.

- When you make compromising alliances for the "ministry" or in the search for a spouse.

- When you alter your message to please your listeners.

- When you adopt behaviors based on seduction.

- When you enter activities that do not match your call.

- In short, when you let yourself win by the optics to succeed.

You may think: It's just for a while, but the consequences will be heavy for you.


Is the promise of God changed for you? No ! What God says He does. Did God ask you to leave your Canaan? No ! Like Abram, you let yourself be "inspired" by this apparent famine. You let doubt settle. Yet you know where the place of the promise is.


Egypt is the thought of the world and all its attractions. This is the place where we finally seem to be able to live. Even if we think of staying there for a while, this could have serious consequences. Let's not forget that a little leaven raises the whole dough. It's a place of compromise, lies. It is a place where the only altars that are built are those to foreign gods. It is a place where we will forget to consult God, where we will not worship him anymore. A place where He will no longer be the One who reigns over our lives.


Where are we today? Where are you?


This is the time to answer this question in all honesty, without covering your face.


Are you in this place of difficult famine but in which God is at work even if you do not see it yet or in this place where milk and honey seem to flow? Remember that your milk and honey will flow in your Canaan and not elsewhere. Stay in your Canaan and pass the promises of God in your heart, for what He says He does in His day.


If today you went to Egypt, God invites you to return to your Canaan, the land of His promise for you. Return to the altar, a place of forgiveness, reconciliation, adoration and presence. This is where you will hear His voice again. This is where your destiny is in Him. So come back to your Canaan, do not wait, this is where God is waiting for you!


Examine and remember what is good.

Corinne & Claudy

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