Does God speak to His church?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, servants of God, ministries at work in the field of God.


We would like to share with you a vision that took shape, not to say body, in our womb about the Father's heart to his people.


If you are in a hurry or distracted, please postpone reading for later as it seems important that our ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches (repeated 7 times in the letters to the churches of the Apocalypse).


II Chronicles 7.14 - If my people, on whom my name is named, make themselves low and come to me in prayer, searching for me and turning from their evil ways; then I will give ear from heaven, overlooking their sin, and will give life again to their land.


We lived a very special prophetic time Corinne and me. I am used to receiving words from the Holy Spirit, a compassionate grasp of people's lives, but that time was very different: It is as if we were languid and the Psalm 22.15 and 16 (I am like from the water that flows, And all my bones separate, My heart is like wax, It melts in my bowels, My strength dries up like clay) Physically describes what we felt. It was a prophetic domain that I had never personally touched, as if all the suffering of the Father's heart was reaching me and we felt like being torn apart and dying, which pushed us into a very difficult time. strong of repentance. It appears from this moment that it is time for the people of God to enter into the obedience of 2 Chronicles and that the people who invoke God humble themselves, pray and seek the face of the Father. Let's realize that:


- The church has blood on the hands, innocent blood, like the reproach that Jesus makes to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:34 and ss. Notice that in verse 37, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem because He wanted to gather it under His wings.


- This blood is whenever we think ourselves upright and free from all sin and when we meet a person in suffering and living in sin, we have the facility to bombard him with Bible verses explaining to him that we are new creatures in Jesus Christ. All things have become new ... without taking the time to listen to it, to love it and to help it to enter into this promise. It is true that the Lord does not ask us to admit sin and that in the face of it we must position ourselves but all too often it is the sinner's position that we place ourselves and the place he leaves us with. the assurance that God can change his life and come to restore it, he leaves with a yoke of guilt on his shoulders. His burden is heavier.

- This blood is also that some servants "bind burdensome burdens, and put them on the shoulders of men, but they do not want to shake them" (verse 4). As in Ezekiel 37 they became sepulchres full of bones (Matthew 23:27). Today, the Lord still tells us: who are you? Stop agitating like Martha and come to my feet to hear my voice. Come in my presence. Many have returned to activism and the exercise of gifts to the point of forgetting the Donor, God himself. Lord, sorry !!!!!

- That blood finally is "How many people have we killed by our words and our behavior? how much ? While Jesus has always welcomed the sinner. How many times have we scandalized one of those little ones who believe in Him because of our narrow vision of grace and our haughty attitude of righteousness (Matthew 18.6)

- This repentance also affects us every time we have tried to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit whereas only He can produce it in our hearts and fill us with the love of the Father. How many times have we seen the Holy Spirit only as the operator of gifts, forgetting how divine He is, a person full of sensitivity and grace whom the Father cherishes. We want to be the lion, full of strength and power and use that strength as a stooge, the wounded of life serving us as guinea pigs to demonstrate "our ministry" forgetting that we must become before that the lamb, broken humbled to be filled with all the sweetness, tenderness and compassion of the Holy Spirit for broken hearts.


Finally, this repentance also concerns our attitude towards the Israel of God, which will always remain on the Father's heart and that all too often Christians have despised, instead of cherishing and praying for the great restoration announced by Ezekiel. We have forgotten that salvation comes from the Jews (John 4.22), We have dishonored the origin of our faith and the Church has, here too, her hands stained with blood because of the attitude of some of her leaders, She had an unworthy attitude. It is time to restore, to take away the reproach, so that the heart of the Father may finally be appeased and may He send us his sun of righteousness and his healing.


And what to say, many commentators believe that Ezekiel 1 describes the departure of the glory of God because of the hardness of the heart (2.4), Ezekiel 34 tells us the reproach of God to the shepherds of Israel (are we better) it is in Ezekiel 47 that we have an image of the growing torrent of blessing that represents for many people the awakening with trees whose foliage heals. This is the time of Ezekiel ...


Our God speaks to his people there again. In the first place, it is we who must bend the knee. Not the neighbor !!!! we.


God loves us but his heart is broken with pain. He suffers to see us behaving thus. He suffers, he suffers for love !!!!


And he tells us: Repent because the Kingdom of God is near.


It's God's time for our lives !!!! This is God's time for our countries, let us respond to the call of God and humble ourselves under his mighty hand and enter into the promise for our lives and for all those who suffer in our communities but also outside !!!!


It is at this price that the glory of God will return fully to cover all his chicks with his wings of healing. All our communities, our cities, our countries are concerned ...


I end with a quote from William Kirwan's book "The Biblical Foundations of the Helping Relationship: For example, it is unfair and even cruel to the person who suffers to sustain that mental illness, depression and Anguish always arises from disobedience to God's commandments or from some deliberate sinful attitudes. Psychologists are often dealing with committed and sincere Christians who are undermined by false guilt, suffering from depression and anxiety that are not the result of personal iniquity. Their problems, in fact, sometimes arise from the disobedience of others to the laws of God. Because, as the Word of God reveals, the patient is often the victim of a sinner ...


Thanks for reading…

Corinne & Claudy

Ezéchiel 37 Ministries © March 2010

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