Get out of your stash!

If we look at the time we are, it is clear that we are in very special times. We have a strong conviction that in these troubled times, God wants to raise His army so that it manifests its power and wins a brilliant victory over its eternal enemy. There are today God's servants and servants of God who are in sight, who do an admirable job full of the anointing of God, but we think there is more, a bit like history. Of Elijah, 7000 men were hidden but ready to appear at the time of God.


If we plunge back into the Word, we see Moses in a desert, forgotten by all, having fled because of what he had done. Forty years later, God calls him out of his hiding place and get up for Him! (Exodus 3.4).


Another example: Samuel is sent to anoint the future King of Israel, but all he knows is that he is in the house of Jesse. All the sons are presented to Samuel except David, hitched to the task of keeping the sheep. Here again, here is a hidden man, certainly considered the last of the last because conceived in sin (Psalms 51.5). The smallest of his brothers and yet he is the choice of God! It is he who will be anointed as a substitute for rejected Saul. Again, God brings a man, even a child, out of hiding (1 Samuel 16).


We can talk about Joseph too. He received a dream that is a promise for his life. But everything seems to go wrong until you find yourself in the depths of a prison, hidden, forgotten by all. But in God's time, he will be lifted up by God, will come out of his prison, to be an instrument in his hands (Genesis 41.14).


Let's talk about Pierre again. He had failed miserably by denying his Lord. For him more hope. He must have his heart in shame, for we are convinced that despite his denial, he loved his Lord. This despair and guilt drove him back to his former life as a fish sinner. But the Lord manifests himself in an extraordinary head-to-head, not an accusation but just words of love. Jesus will bring him out of the shadows and give him a mission and what a mission! (John 21.15-17)


That you are like Moses, hidden by a voluntary choice because of a past that you want to flee. That you are like David, hidden because of the rejection of others. That you are like Joseph, shut up by the judgment of others even sometimes wrongly. Or that you are like Peter, hidden because of the disillusionment on yourself ...


We believe it's God's time to bring you out of your hiding place. It's time to get up to serve Him or serve Him again.


God does not look for people who want to put themselves forward whatever the cost, nor those who moan because they want such place or place, but God wants to raise men and women, forgotten by all, who love God, but who for X reasons are now out of their hiding place, perhaps no longer hoping to make a difference in their generation.


My friend (s), it's time for you to enlist in the Army that God is lifting up. You have a place, a role, a call ... It's your time!


Dear brothers and sisters in ministry, we encourage you to be one of those who will participate in this task. To have your eyes open on the "Moses, David, Joseph or Peter" that the Lord will put on your way. We can be like Samuel, the butler, or the Lord Jesus: We can bring these people out of the shadows to encourage them and help them to enter their destinies. May the Lord make us his generals who work for the unity of his army.


As 1 Thessalonians 5: 20-21 tells us: Do not despise the prophecies but examine all things, hold on to what is good.

Corinne & Claudy

Ézéchiel 37 Ministries © November 2015

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