It's time!

The Church today is like Israel in the time of Jesus, it is in many places languid and slaughtered, hand and foot bound as suffering like sheep without a shepherd. How long will the enemy be pleased with this fact? Let us stop rejoicing the enemy by judging, condemning, and curbing the work of God. It is the time of change, the time to let oneself be transformed, to change our mentality to become a reflection of what He is, and this change must take place among those who are in charge of the people. The enemy has managed to disperse us. Let's work together. Let us help the one who is perhaps weaker, who perhaps has less knowledge. Let's gather and share our wealth. Accept to give and also to receive even from that which we would tend to reject. God has placed riches in each of us and if we put them together, the Kingdom of God will explode!


The Word of God tells us in Luke 10: 2 the harvest is great and there are few workers. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest. It has been many years since the people of God pray that God will send workers into his harvest. Does not the Lord answer this prayer? Of course, if and yet! We pray for God to raise people and we expect God's action but when He acts and responds we refuse this answer because it does not correspond to the person or persons we would have chosen.


But let us look at the apostles chosen by Jesus, would we have chosen these men? On the other hand, when God is at work through these people, we doubt that it is God who is in action. And more than doubting, we begin to criticize and make judgments about these people. We reject the form because it does not correspond to "our criteria" without realizing that we reject God's blessing and all the beneficent fruits that flow from it. It is time to stop this work of destruction of the action of God. Do not we see that when we lend ourselves to this game, it is the work of the devil that we do and not that of God.


The Lord reminded me of a vision I had received on the island of Reunion, here it is:


I saw an immense field of wheat. This field was divided into parcels. In each parcel, there was a building. Some were large buildings, others simple little huts. The plots of the large buildings had been harvested while in the plots with huts, one or two men were trying to bring in the harvest with archaic tools. Where the harvest had been taken, the men rejoiced and congratulated themselves on the steps, content with themselves. The Lord of Lords appeared on a large white horse followed by a large army. The congratulating men expected to receive "praise" for their work, but the Lord spoke to them saying, "Why are you not grieved for the harvest that has not yet come? Why do not you care about helping your neighbor who is struggling and crumbling under the load? Then He spoke to those who worked alone saying to them: Why did not you ask for help? Why do you get tired all day long by taking everything on you and trying to control everything?


The harvest of a country, a region is everybody's business. The whole harvest can not be returned until we learn to work together, to help each other because what matters to the King of kings is the harvest, not the workers.


If this vision concerns the harvest, the principle of unity in the service remains none the less. Ephesians 4 teaches us that the servants must send the saints to the unity of the faith, how could they if they themselves are not?


The harvest is large, very large and there is work for all. If everyone takes action and if when we see a brother or sister being raised by God, we encourage and help him, we will not only see that person blossom in what God will have placed on his life but our own ministry will only be blessed. We must be carriers of life and not the opposite.


This unit is not created for several reasons! A reformed brother spoke of the temptations of the devil and one of them is "power". Authority is not understood or admitted. The people of God need to relearn the principle of authority and what is true authority because there is a flagrant amalgam of authoritarianism and authority and it distorts human relations. Servants of God have lost their authority over Evil because they have difficulty receiving others. The people are, as in Ezekiel 34.4, careless because servants exercise authoritarianism. The enemy has enough strategies to make us bend, not be instruments in his hands to bend our brothers and sisters. Many remain camped on doctrinal positions that are only human commands. Jesus proclaimed loudly that He would build His Church. No one, no servant, no movement, no federation, or whoever can claim that right. The Bride belongs to his Lord and he alone has the power to build his Church.


The unity between us becomes primordial, essential if we want to see the glory of God. Servants, our mission will only be effective if we work at this unity with all our heart. This unity is not uniformity, but we must learn to return to the Word and to it alone, in the acceptance and respect of one another, focusing on God's priorities and not ours.


This is the time for the people of God to no longer be bent under adversity. It is high time to stand up to manifest how much, yes how much He loved us. It is high time to shout on the roofs of the whole world, his goodness and his fidelity. This is the time finally to enter the "everything is accomplished". Not just written words but a Word that fills us with life, with his life. It's time to say yes Holy Spirit do your work, fill in, visit, flood my life, unite me to the other members of your body.


Yes, it's time for restoration.

It is the time of deliverance.

This is the time when the Father will raise those who have been degraded

It's time, it's time !!

The time to let oneself be invaded by one's heart!

Time to unite!

The time to serve Him and Him alone and not our own will, prestige or reputation!

The time to manifest his love and glory and live it everywhere in this world!


Alleluiaaaa !!! This is the time, the time of the Lord of Justice, we just have to say yes.


Corinne & Claudy

Ezéchiel 37 Ministries ©

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