People of God, get ready!

As you have read on the front page of our site, we think that difficult times are coming to our European countries and particularly to France. Nevertheless, the Lord tells us "prepare yourself".


The story of Joseph in the Bible tells us about this preparation. Joseph receives from the Lord the interpretation of a dream made by Pharaoh. This dream is a warning from God to tell him that seven years will be rich in blessings but that these seven years will be followed by a terrible famine that will forget those years of abundance. And God gives the key to Joseph and wisdom to prepare for this famine. What is he doing ? As you probably know, it stores the products of years of abundance to face the years of scarcity. Through this warning from God, we can see how much he wants to take care of his people because the first of his goals in putting Joseph in this position was to be able to feed Jacob and his family.


Of course, at the same time it is all the people of Egypt and the surrounding peoples who have benefited from this grace of God. Through this text, what we want to explain is that God is warning his people of difficult times. We might think that today we are in times of spiritual abundance and that will continue. God does nothing without speaking to his prophets and his message today through the mouths of many of them is that hard times are coming. These difficult times are not especially of the material order but probably more of the order of spiritual oppression and starvation.


What is noteworthy in Joseph's story is that he stored the grain. We can associate this with the Word of God if we refer to the parable of the sower. What we need is to store in ourselves, as long as we have the possibility, the Word of God. It is the only way to be able to hold in this time of oppression and spiritual scarcity and to be able to share this seed with the world which does not know God and who will also be terribly hungry for truth. Even if this pool of grains concerns all Christians, we would like to challenge those responsible for them to reorient their priority on the search for God and the teaching of the Word.


Qualities that are found in Joseph are indispensable. Pharaoh himself will bear witness that he was filled with the Spirit of God (Genesis 41.38). A return to listening to the Spirit of God is indispensable. It is He alone who is able to fully explain the scriptures to us, to enable us to understand exactly what God expects from us and to enable us to respond to that expectation. The Bible is not a book like any other book is a book that needs to become alive in us and it is only possible through the action of the Holy Spirit.


Despite all the ups and downs of his journey, Joseph has become a wise and wise man. Was he better than another? No ! But he let himself be filled by the Spirit of God. The history of the Church has taught us that in times of spiritual persecution whatever they may be, the only way to cross it is a deep love for God manifested in an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as well as that a deep love for his Word which is the absolute weapon to resist the devil.


In conclusion, what we want to say is that the times of spiritual prosperity of today are going to take ends and it is certainly not up to us to give a date. God warns us in all sorts of different ways so that we prepare ourselves for those difficult times that will sort out those who are fully committed to him and his Word and those who have a shared heart.


So let's get ready! Be blessed

Corinne & Claudy

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