The heart of God burns!

Again, Corinne and I were strongly challenged by the Lord as to his burning heart. This questioning revolved around Joel and we give you this word so that it may bless you.


Joel 2.3 - Before them fire sends destruction, and after them flame is burning:


If you enter the heart, the deep intimacy of the Father, you will be seized by the fire that burns there. This fire is a mixture of love and compassion for those who get lost, for the little ones who are unjustly treated, for those who are rejected and harassed, even sometimes on the pretext that this is how the Father and they have grasped his thought. But this fire is also a deep sense of anger against injustice and discrimination, for God can not be satisfied with the human standards of the notion of justification. Isaiah 64.6 tells us that "all our righteousness is like filthy clothing". We are in a particular time, it is the time of Ezekiel, Joel and so many other prophets, He rises our God to restore the right and the equity, it is a cry that tears the sky in saying, that's enough!


Enough of suffering and domination, enough contempt, enough false pretenses, enough self-righteousness in the image of the Pharisee who prayed standing, looking down on the publican who humbled himself under his hand (Luke 18:13). Enough of a people who honor Him with their lips but who do not let any part of their love reach him (Matthew 15.8). The warning is serious, even if the first desire of God is the awareness of his people and a return by repentance, He is inflamed with passion so that the rain of the season arrives and that is finally manifested accomplishing a complete restoration of his people and all the wounded by decadent religious systems.


Joel 2.1 - Let the horn be sounded in Zion, and a war-cry in my holy mountain; let all the people of the land be troubled: for the day of the Lord is coming;


Let us realize that the prophets of today are sounding trumpets all over the world. The day of the Lord comes, the liberating day for the oppressed, but the day of vengeance for those who make Him an affront by giving of Him the truncated image of an austere God, without mercy, while He is a Father of God. love and grace. Yes, there is something to tremble, our eyes should not be on the neighbor but on ourselves. Where are you ? What are you doing ? It is the Lord who mandates prophets to sound the trumpet so that the people of God meet to seek His face, to seek Him and Him alone. God is shouting today through their mouths: Where are you my people, what do you do when you hear the sound of the trumpet? I'm looking for you ! The heart of God burns to find men and women who seek his heart, men and women who will become an extension of Himself, men and women who will be his eyes, his mouth, his heart, his feet, his bowels of mercy, and ready to die for Christ. It is so ! He could do it himself but he decided to do it with you and me. "Where are you, stop hiding behind a personality, a job, a list of petitions, even a ministry, come into my presence and let me inundate you and fill you with my person". God wants to raise his army, an army full of his fire, of Himself, an army that nothing stops because sparkling with the flame of God (verse 5), without compromise where Jesus Christ took all the place . Like David who refused to wear Saul's armor before confronting Goliath, they themselves remain simple men and women, small, incapable even in the eyes of others, but filled with the living God, he the same is true for us. This army proclaims: "I am armed with the Name of the Lord" (1 Samuel 17.45). Here is the difference! Are you ready to enter the presence of the Father? Do you agree to no longer hide and let Him take all the space in you?


Joel 2.12 and 13 - But even now, says the Lord, come back to me with all your heart, keeping from food, with weeping and with sorrow: Let your hearts be broken, and not your clothing, and come back to the Lord your God: for he is full of grace and pity, slow to be angry and great in mercy, ready to be turned from his purpose of punishment.


The promise of Joel that follows is at this price. The Church must return to her God with all her heart, humble herself for not having taken the time to seek Him, for having simulated external signs of repentance (torn her clothes) while keeping a hard and insensitive heart . Tear up your heart and your entrails by letting the burning heart of God take up all the space in you. One can not pretend to be full of the Lord and lack that love and compassion. The sound of the trumpet of the Apostle John proclaims: "If anyone says I love God and hate his brother, he is a liar" (1 John 4.20). The trumpet of the Apostle James rings: "From the same mouth come the blessing and the curse, so do not let my brethren be so" (James 3:10). There remains hope because God is slow to anger and rich in kindness. He is compassionate and merciful even to those who have shown only external signs of the grace they have been subjected to, judging and condemning those whom they consider weaker. But this patience to an end, and we are in this time! The blessing and the powerful outpouring of the Spirit have been withheld for so long that the Father is still slow to rise and do justice. Time is short, now is the time to make a choice: bend your knee before the immensity of God's greatness by letting you touch the depths of your being or become "the enemy", yes I said well the enemy of God and the object of his anger.


Joel 2.28 and 29 - And after that, it will come about, says the Lord, that I will send my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters will be prophets, your old men will have dreams, your young men will see visions: And on the servants and the servant-girls in those days I will send my spirit.


This prophecy, repeated in Peter's speech at Pentecost, is in two phases, like many prophecies of the Old Testament. Pentecost was the rain of the first season, but God prepares the rain of the season, an anointing shower of blessings, healing, liberation and deliverance for his people, but also for the whole world. He promises to return the years that locusts have devoured, that is, to restore, to restore. An unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit is happening and as Ezekiel says it comes from the four winds, it comes from everywhere and the world will be shaken by an awakening that will spread like a stain of oil. One day I received a clear vision of this awakening, the power of God manifested itself so naturally. Simple people prayed for a paralytic and he came out of his chair just as easily as you and I when we get up from a chair. Two people were simply arguing and then telling each other: you are prophesying on me, without realizing it. The promise is for everyone: boys, girls, the elderly, young people, people of humble condition ... all those who have entered the process described above. The promise of God is real, just and true but conditioned. Many of our communities are not ready yet! They lost their first love, they got stuck in traditions and the gossip, the most effective weapon of the devil so that the Holy Spirit is saddened, settled down. Mediancy of the brother, the sister, the neighboring community, the servants of God, even miraculous signs ... This article is not meant to be a condemnation, nor a judgment but a cry of pain: Friend Christian, humble yourself under the hand of your God, pray with ardor, seek the face of the Father of love by turning away from your wicked ways, and God will answer heaven, He will remove sin and heal the land (2 Chronicles 7.14 ) by a demonstration of the power of his glory.

Corinne & Claudy

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