Towards an underground church!

Since 2012, we have on our hearts to "sound the alarm" by saying, People of God, prepare yourself. We invite you to read all of these messages.


More than twenty years ago, I had a dream. I will not detail but here are some excerpts.


A calm sea but in a dark night. People in the sea clinging to pieces of boat debris. These people were able to float on the water. Some were out of breath, ready to die, for others it was too late, they were already drowned and on the surface of the water.


People were on a makeshift raft. They were led by the Spirit of God, I remind you that it was dark, very dark, and it was impossible to go to these shipwrecked without this spiritual conduct. People on the raft were going from one castaway between life and death to another, they were pulling them on the raft and they were reviving.


It was not a big raft but in the hands of the Lord, it was effective.


The years have passed on this dream and here is what we have on our hearts to share with you.


The boats represent the communities. Some will fly in shine. We have shared for many years that there is a big black cloud of persecution happening in our European countries. This cloud is unfortunately there.


These communities, for some, will burst because of their disobedience to God because there is wickedness instead of love, false pretenses instead of truth ... For others, it is persecution that will make them close and disappear. But no matter, the result remains the same.


This small raft represents a simple place, a house, a small group of prayer; small but in which God wants to restore and bring back to life these people victims of the sinking of the boats.


It goes back to another dream that I was given to live, many years ago too. A very dry, cracked earth, everything seemed dead. Yet, at one point, I saw worms rise to the surface through crevasses. There were bells ringing. A rain came, first fine then gradually, the rain became torrential. The presence of God was very very strong. It was wonderful !


In fact, apparently, everything seemed dead, but it was not. Certainly it was underground but very present and ready to go out at the moment when the glory of God would manifest itself.


We believe that these two dreams are interrelated.


We invite everyone to consider the possibility of opening their home to create this place of refuge. We do not mean to leave communities, and we know that some of them are also formed into house groups. But we encourage you to prepare, to train yourself for those difficult times that are coming, when the freedom to congregate in churches will no longer be possible. However, the life of God and the glory of God will manifest itself in these prepared places. These places will be places of fraternity, love, healing, restoration, places of life and return to life.


Are you ready to open your house?


Thank you for considering this prophecy and remembering what is good. Do not hesitate to write to us.


With all our love.

Corinne & Claudy

Ézéchiel 37 Ministries © July 2016

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