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The vision of Ezekiel 37


In 2007, the Lord placed the text of Ezekiel 37 on my heart. Then he asked me to give this message to all the servants of God in my city (Reformed, Catholic, Baptist, ADD, Orthodox, Adventist, Jewish). The Lord had asked me to begin by telling my Pastor. So, I asked the Lord for confirmation because I thought my jujote was playing a trick.


Also, at a meeting on a Friday night, my Pastor preached on Jonah and pointed at me and said, "If you have anything to say to someone from the Lord, tell him because sooner or later God will bring you to that person then, do not do as Jonah does now. " So I made an appointment with my Pastor and gave him the Word of Ezekiel 37 and what the Lord had told me with this Word. My Pastor had prepared his message for the Sunday and the morning of my visit to his office, the Lord had told him "you will not preach about what you have prepared but about Ezekiel 37". All this encouraged me and I continued my journey and went to meet all the servants of God and almost every time, the Lord had a few days before questioned on Ezekiel 37.


The message was:

   - A time of restoration for the people of God has arrived.

   - The power of resurrection will today act in our lives.

   - God will give life to our bones.

   - Everything that has died in us and around us will come back to life.

   - The Lord wants to restore your relationship with him, your heart, all areas of your life, as well as the vocation to which you are called.

   - The Lord wants to restore his Church, our cities and our countries.

   - God wants to raise his army.

   - God wants to do today.

  - Also, the Lord asks that the servants gather the people of God to seek his face, to seek him and nothing else.

  - Not to plan programs but to let God alone lead this time of meeting with himself.

And there, the spirit of God was going to blow on the people of God.


Then, I went to a rally in Cergy Pontoise. And at this rally, Ruben Berger, Messianic Jewish Servant of God, preached. I had to concentrate to follow what he was saying because in my heart I only heard this word: Ezekiel 37, Ezekiel 37. I understood that the whole message had not been given. The Lord asked me to meet his servant Ruben and he allowed me to speak to him. I explained to him what I had experienced during his preaching. I also explained to him what the Lord had made me do in the city where I lived with all the servants of the city and told him that I understood that this restoration could only take place if we returned to our roots: Israel. He told me that the Lord had given me a key and that today he was anointing me to continue.


When I returned, I went on the road and met again the servants of God with the following message: You remember when I came to meet you with a message about Ezekiel 37 (the vision of dry bones). Well, there, the Lord gave me another key to Ezekiel 37 (the Lord will restore the unity of the people). Indeed, if we want to live this time of restoration, we must gather to seek God and him alone but we must also return to our roots. Jesus is Jewish. Israel was chosen by God. He is our older brother. The election of Israel is mercy and the rejection by the Jews of their Messiah did not abolish their election. This rejection gave us access to Jesus. But in no case have we replaced Israel. We are grafted on the trunk of Israel. Our divisions with our own person, those within our Communities and Churches, those between our Communities and our Churches are the consequence of our detachment to Israel (first historical division). As long as we do not return to our roots, we will not be able to experience the fullness that God has promised us. So, how can we today take the path to this reconciliation with our older brother, Israel, but also with God Himself.


Let's ask ourselves the following questions:

   - Did I think I was replacing Israel?

   - Did I joke about the Jewish people, me or my family?

   - Do we pray for Israel?

   - Do we love Israel?


Ezekiel 37 verses 15 to 17 tell us about two pieces of wood. These two pieces of wood could represent the heart of God who is broken today and he asks us to repent so that we are united in his hand and all are saved. Remember the story of Moses and the water of Meribah "which means quarrels". Number 20 verses 1 to 13, Moses was commanded to speak to the rock so that the people would have water and can quench their thirst. But Moses struck the rock instead of just talking to him as God had commanded him. He disobeyed and because of this disobedience, he did not enter the promised land (Deuteronomy 32 verses 51 and 52). The Lord is telling us today: repent because the Kingdom of God is near. So, let's ask ourselves a question: Do we want to return to God's promises for our lives and accept to obey him by repenting and praying for Israel?


Then, one day, in a time of worship, a servant of God began to prophesy about our lives. Ezekiel 37 saying, "Spirit of the four winds, breathe on these bones, and let them come to life, breathe on your people.


Today, the Lord wants to raise his army.


Then he invited the people of God to come forward to receive the prayer. I walked very slowly because my legs were struggling to carry me so much the spirit blew. I arrived all the same before without really understanding how. I knelt down and there the Lord flattened me on the ground for at least two hours without being able to move. I was in peace, in the arms of my Lord. Then, team members gently helped me to get up and they took me to a room away. For another two hours, I felt the work of the Lord in me. I went through a true liberation, feeling physically in my mouth that the blood of Jesus purified me. After this liberation, I was at rest when the Lord said to me: This is also Ezekiel 37: My people have chains on their hands and feet and can not go forward. I want to make my people free to make him my army and I want them united because without unity, my people will not be able to face the attacks of the enemy.

    With all my love.


The vision of Malachi 4.2


During the summer of 2008, I was challenged by the Holy Ghost on the fact that we had to "break through" at the level of the miraculous and that we had to give ourselves the means to live the manifestation of his gifts. After having discussed it with my friend, who had the same aspirations, we started in September 2008 two programs that aim to highlight the gifts that each received from the Lord. Thus was born the House, Faith, Prayer and Healing.


The "House of Faith, Prayers and Healings" is not a meeting or a program of a local church. It is a suitable place to receive patients individually, whether they are Christians or not, whether the illness is physical, mental or spiritual, much like a visit to the doctor. The vision is that, like all who have come to the Lord, the sick man comes to receive his intervention, which is a true step of faith. We take the time to listen, but also to strengthen the faith of the sick with the Word of God. The team that receives the patient is sensitive to the prophetic domain, which is a real necessity. After almost two years of operation, we have already been strongly encouraged by the testimonies of people who no longer feel any pain, by many conversions and by people who have become much more boiling for the Lord, receiving a strong visitation from the Spirit (between 70% and 80%). We are simply serving the Lord Jesus Christ for all our brothers and sisters in the faith who are suffering. We know that our churches have too many sick people in their midst and the Lord is faithful to his Word.


Secondly, we organized "ministries meetings" every month. In fact we wanted to simply give the greatest possible place to the Holy Spirit without really establishing a program. We devoted a great deal of time to praising and worshiping our Lord. Then we let ourselves be guided. There were times of preaching, prayer, prophetic sharing, witnessing, etc. We were working in a team of ministries where pastors, evangelists and prophets worked in harmony. Here again we had been deeply encouraged by the anointing that emanated from those times apart. Several new people have made tremendous progress in faith in these encounters.


Finally, I would like you to be challenged by the healing and restoration needs that the children of God have, especially if you have a responsibility in your community. It's a time of promise, just listen to what the Holy Spirit says.


   Be blessed, in love, Claudy  

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