Who are we?

We present you Ezekiel 37 Ministries. Our pastoral and prophetic ministry announces the restoration and healing of the people of God, the breath of life of God, enabling anyone who turns to Him to return to their full and entire identity.


We carry in our womb the message that Ezekiel 37 and Malachi 4.2 announce: The possibility for everyone to be restored, healed and fully restored in his dignity and fellowship with the Father even if there was a fall. God raises up an army which will carry high its standard in these troubled times of the end. These men and women go through sincere repentance, a radical change of mentality. They experience the power of liberation from sin manifested through water baptism by immersion and finally they live the promise of Acts 2:38 and 39: they receive the living power of the Holy Spirit that enables them to live their destiny fully. in Christ in the image of the disciples of the book of Acts.


Ezekiel 37 Ministries moves at your request, regardless of the importance of the group and its Christian identity, house groups, prayer groups, assemblies ... to bring the message or to animate the time of worship.


Fabien - I remember a moment of inspired praise, during which an atmosphere of glory invaded the meeting and seized our hearts, attracting intense communion with the Lord Jesus. The movement of the Spirit has been favored accompanied by prophetic action and renewal in the fire. I felt at the same time so small before the holiness of God and so loved and welcomed in his beneficent presence. We were out of time and matter; in the spirit.


Denis - The presence of God was there and by your praise I was carried away really closer God. God bless you.


Through our encounters, God manifested himself by healings, liberations, people recovering fire by being restored. You too, can live it!

Our testimony

My parents converted before my birth following a miraculous recovery from my mother. She was suffering ...

My life has not been a long calm river. I was not a desired child. Also, at the age of two months, I was entrusted to a foster family ...

Today, we have been married for a number of years, but to tell you the truth, we are a recomposed couple. We went through a lot of turbulence following painful events for which we were partly responsible. Only the grace of God and the power of restoration that is in Him have allowed us not to sink completely and to look to the future with hope. This kind of experiences forge. We give glory to God if our experience can lead you to understand that the Lord can and wants to revive the drier bones.

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