This is my story

My parents converted before my birth following a miraculous recovery from my mother. She had purulent abscesses but any infection left her body in one night. It was in 1954. Four years later I was born and raised in a good family, as well as in the evangelical faith. Very young I had a heart for the Lord and often the Holy Spirit touched me with his presence. A little before I was 12 years old I experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit and I began to practice the gift of languages. Following this experience, the pastor accepted me to be baptized by immersion.


Unfortunately at that time it was possible to work very early and I left school at 14 to enter the world of work.This universe was bad for me ... Friends, money, the world and its thousands fires have removed me from my Lord. I was still going to church but I lived a double life. I was very bad about myself I could not live fully like the unconverted because of my upbringing and I was deeply uncomfortable in the church thinking that one day God would prophetically reveal me to the congregation.


This situation continued for six years. A little after my twentieth birthday, I had a very serious road accident. In my crazy young frenzy, I wanted to become a rally driver and I always pushed the limits further until the day I made a road trip. It was a small country road but I was probably driving over 120 km / h. In a turn, I lost control and my vehicle went into the ditch. After tearing a tree, the car made a sun and two three barrels. Everything happened so fast. Witnesses to the accident called for help. One of the firefighters came to inspect the skid marks, the condition of the car and told me: Here you are not going to do it twice! My blood froze and I felt the terrible conviction that I must have died in this accident. I became aware of the horrible truth: If my life had ended that day I was in hell, far from the presence of God. This awareness made me think deeply for several months. One morning, as I was still meditating on these things, I felt strongly God's presence on me. It was as if I were wrapped in a coat of love. This love was so powerful that it was almost palpable. I felt loved, accepted, wanted, important, in a harmonious peace, my bad being had completely disappeared. Words I miss to describe this experience but a deep conviction engraved in my heart: That's how I love you! I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. This wonderful feeling lasted a good while. Then the sweet inner voice of the Holy Spirit said to me: This is how I see you live! And I saw myself thinking in my daily life. For the company I was respectable but in God's eyes I was terribly dirty. My arrogance, my lies, my lack of love, my boasting made me an odious and detestable being. I was confused and I cried a lot. In front of so much grace I capitulated saying: Lord if You can love me so much while I am also detestable, I want to live for You. I gave everything to him, my past, my present, but also all the projects of success that I had set in life. Without wanting to shock your theology, I think I converted that day. It was in January 1979. In the next few months, all these hateful things disappeared and I was completely delivered. I started to love what I did not like before, prayer, Bible reading, fasting, worship ... and above all my wonderful Savior.


In 1981, I began to evangelize and to testify of what God had done for me. All occasions were good: radio shows, visits to young delinquents, public markets, door to door, Christian rock concerts, hospital visits ... the Lord touched many lives.


During all these years, the Lord has opened so many doors to evangelize, but also to teach, to train, to sing, to prophesy ... The adventure of Ezekiel 37 started with the meeting of Corinne, my greatest and most beautiful blessing. Other exciting pages will be added to the book and who knows, you may be part of it.


With love, Claudy

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